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Electronics at the service of lighting

23 November 2020

The diffusion and the constant development of modern lighting technologies, mainly the LED one, allow people to open up to their fantasies and to think of the infinite possibilities of managing, controlling and playing with the light that was formerly improbable.

The lighting body has gradually turned into a technological product, with multiple functions and innovative technology, on par with more significant electronic equipment. This also means a leap forward in terms of aesthetics, pushing the designers’ creativity towards new horizons, new combinations, light games, aesthetics and new technologies.

In this respect, electronics have always played a very important role more and more becoming an essential component of the lighting body. The possibility of managing the light source and inserting many services besides the basic functions (On/Off light) led to a sill progressing development path.


In terms of development and production Cobofra is a significant player in this challenge

The internal R&D makes it possible to support technology and knowledge for durable customization, i.e. creating electronic products at the service of every single project.


Among the technology offered by Cobofra:

  • light dimmer and white, dynamic white, rgb, rgb + white management
  • electronic led ballast in voltage or current
  • customized voltage led modules or low voltage technology
  • management with electronic touch or radiofrequency controls
  • remote controls in 433 or 868 mhz for europe and in 915 mhz for the usa
  • dmx, dali, zigbee management interfaces
  • controlled wireless lights with bt and wifi technology
  • iot technologies with remote management
  • firmware release management and remote functionality
  • development of management and control app, for ios and android
  • management of voice controls with home and alexa
  • lights remote management and programming

These are just examples of the technology developed by Cobofra for the lighting world, also offering all the possible customizations for every shape, power or fitting.

An internal production, 100% Made in Italy, with contemporary and innovative internal lines offering the inclusiveness of a service providing, technologically advanced and tailor-made quality products.

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