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Entity Elettronica exhibits at the Light + Building to certify its success for a double challenge

30 September 2022

To present a rich and updgraded catalog without betraying the historical vocation for the realization of custom projects


Last semester there was the official presentation of the new catalog “IDENTITY 2022”, a new naming and the choice to represent by means of two-color fingerprint formed by the tracks of a printed circuit, which well introduce the positioning of the brand and its dual vocation Electronic and LEDs also during the historic autumn edition of L + B.

With a renewed graphic layout, the catalog aimed to reorganize the different product families and solutions in order to activate effective and intuitive communication. Because electronics and LEDs are two sides of the same coin: black is the color that represents Electronics products and Entity’s blue the LED solutions. A new look that took up and underlined a fundamental point of Entity Elettronica‘s mission, which has always been aware of the fact that a strong control of the skills deriving from the world of electronic design would have been strategic, in the development of an increasingly complete range of LED solutions and state-of-the-art electronic devices.

From this premise, the natural choice to look at and interpret the occasion of L + B 2022 first and foremost as the time to offer to its visitors a complete overview of Entity standard production.


After “IDENTITY 2022”, work never stopped

There are many innovations developed, integrated and enriched after the launch of “IDENTITY 2022” specifically for this autumn:

  • Smart systems for bluetooth control (Casambi and not only) but also wifi (Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants) of their lighting systems towards IOT.
  • The solutions for low voltage tracks with 24-48V DALI 0-10V 1-10 ON / OFF CASAMBI drivers, controls, optocouplers and the very wide range of LED modules from which you can choose. Entity Elettronica was the first brand to invest resources in this regard, offering today the widest range of technologically advanced solutions for this world of lighting.
  • The complete range of miniaturized drivers for MICRO EUTRAC A.A.G Stucchi systems, solutions to manage curves, is exclusively presented PHANTOM DIMM, a proprietary system for 0-10V 1-10V control of MICRO tracks.
  • The CASAMBI-DALI GATEWAY 230V, an innovative CASAMBI interface for the control of DALI fixtures over 230V tracks ONETRACK® by A.A.G Stucchi. The device is installed into the new range of concealed adapters 9999 series for the ONETRACK® family which are very small and disappear completely inside the track.
  • CORELED, patented and accompanied by the slogan “All you need to do is dress up your lamp”: an innovative LED module complete with DALI driver, heat sink, LED and lens, completely wired. A finished solution around which you can design your own lamp or lighting solution. The time that was previously necessary to search for the various components, now serves to give space to your creativity. The small size offers the opportunity to create miniaturized designs. Assembly times and costs are significantly reduced.
  • The first D4i certified LED driver – the new DALI standard for intelligent applications. LED devices certified according to the D4i standard (from DALI part 251 to DALI part 253) provide centralized information and allow real-time data such as energy consumption, operating time and temperature to be recorded.

Another important step towards integrating products into the Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless control of lighting fixtures.


Enitity Elettronica has always been at work to realize new ideas and custom projects

But the L + B is also an opportunity to “return” to deepen directly with its customers and new visitors, after almost four years, the many possibilities of customized design that Entity Elettronica offers to give them direct support in hardware design and firmware up to the mass production in Italy of new products.

The Entity Elettronica research and development team, dynamic and constantly growing year after year, is in fact increasingly made up of professionals able to develop hardware and firmware solutions and explore with passion and enthusiasm new technologies and components with the aim to design cutting-edge lighting solutions. In this context, Entity is a true added value generator able to support the customer not only in the realization and production of apparently simple projects but also in the integration of increasingly complex and performing solutions, to dominate a competitive market in which a large part innovations occur at the software level.

This is the corporate plus that has led Entity to be one of the main reference points recognized at national and European level. With a view to providing the best Service and Professionalism, Entity makes itself to support customers for customized LED products too- in the creation of all the relevant technical reports (including tests) up to the registration on the EPREL database.

Hardware and Software Design, Research and Development, Prototyping, accurate Testing and Inspections, up to Series Production are the main steps of the all-encompassing service that has always distinguished the company. These characteristics are also recognized and testified by the various partnerships with prestigious companies.


Entity put down its roots more than 30 years ago and since then it has been gathering and developing the customers’ ideas, as strongly convinced that their success is also its own. 


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