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Enzo Catellani presents the blue circle, painted by hand

1 June 2023

I find Ensō, the circle symbol, particularly fascinating for what it represents: enlightenment, completeness, everything and nothing. So an attempt to bring a three-dimensional character to those brushstrokes was a natural step for me to take”. Enzo Catellani


In the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy (shodō), Ensō is an allegory of completeness and enlightenment: an imperfectly perfect circle that springs from a gentle, spontaneous movement of the hand. Ensō is life, born to evolve until it is complete. And just like life, no one Ensō is ever the same as another. During a period spent in Japan, Enzo Catellani discovered the beauty of these slow, precise movements, and is still at work in an attempt to reveal their essence.

And this is how the delicate brushstroke takes on a three-dimensional character, becoming the “object” of the new creation Ensō. The blue circle, painted by hand, reproduces the fruit of that immediate movement, as if it had been drawn in space. The origin of Ensō appears infused with ink, tailing off as it comes to the end of its journey.

The colour, which lessens along the way, does not reach the closure of the circle, intentionally interrupting the beginning and end of a cycle to indicate that there are still openings for growth and evolution. The circle sculpture rests on a brass base, while the LED light source – for which an innovative patent pending wireless connection and distribution system has been used – is hidden behind the structure of the lamp, creating a soft light effect on the wall.


Catellani & Smith

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