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Fael LUCE has expanded its headquarters creating a painting district 4.0

22 June 2022

Innovative solutions and self-learning Robots


Fael LUCE, leading company in the supply of innovative and sustainable lighting solutions, has recently expanded its headquarters in Agrate Brianza (Italy), creating a new production area especially designed to place the new, innovative, digitized painting district, aligned with the specifications of industry 4.0. The new system consists of two self-learning robots for powder pre-finishing of the accessories and covers of the luminaires, an extremely delicate construction detail as it guarantees thermal dissipation by means of cross-sectional cooling fins.

Thanks to the so-called “self-learning” method, the new system differs from the traditional one as the operator manually guides the robot in a complete spraying cycle on a sample piece. The machine memorizes all the trajectories and commands executed and then repeats them faithfully at the desired execution speed. This method makes the use of the robot extremely simple and does not require specific IT training. The introduction of this new technology has changed the operators’ approach to painting, improving the consistency of the coating quality and speeding up the application times. A solution that convinced operators for its simplicity and flexibility of programming.


From the desert to the glaciers: custom products for the most hostile environments

This new process confirms the quality of the materials and processes that Fael LUCE luminaires undergo. The die-cast aluminum cover, with a minimum EN 47100 title with low copper content and high resistance to atmospheric agents, guarantees the best performance both in terms of adhesion of the film and of sealing: a constructive choice that emphasizes the particular attention to detail, in every stage of the product’s life.

The painting process is divided into three phases, in turn divided into several stages:

  • ALUMINIUM DESODATION PROCESS, for the pre-treatment of the workpiece, which prepares the semi-finished product for the subsequent painting phases.
  • PAINTING PROCESS, consisting of several remotely piloted cabins that coordinate the different painting phases.
  • COOKING PROCESS, last important step for the conversion of the powder so that it integrates on the product and becomes a single body.

This innovative painting system makes Fael LUCE luminaires suitable for installation in particularly harsh environmental conditions.


Innovation, Made in Italy and respect for the environment 

The digitalizing process of the painting operations also involved the production part with the introduction of the new co-robotic production center. These interventions are part of the broader project of evolution that the Company has undertaken keeping faith with two cornerstones of its philosophy: the Made in Italy, confirming the expansion in the historic headquarters of Agrate Brianza, and respect for the environment, at any stage of the product life process.

The attention to the environment is also confirmed by the presence on the roof’s plant of photovoltaic panels with which for years the company is able to independently produce electricity for its production needs. Fael LUCE has also recently been recognized by the Lombardy Region as a company operating according to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY model, confirming its constant commitment to the design and production of innovative and sustainable lighting systems. From the design of the luminaire to its distribution on the market, the entire process is aimed at recovering the materials used. This leads to greater efficiency, lower operating costs, greater resilience and lower environmental impact.



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