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Ferroluce – Decò collection

9 September 2020


The collaboration with Ferroluce symbolizes how the synergy between creating projects and industries can result in a coherent and organically structured work program. The partnership was initially launched with a view to exhibitions and was extended to pure application when the convergence of vision between designers and artisanal production was positively confirmed.

Decò represents, within the evolution of Ferroluce as a brand, the additional part of a jigsaw that was already extensive but was more focused on exploring a symbology that was more classic or vintage. Conversely, through this additional lineup, efforts have been made to break free from already known aesthetic references in order to embrace an expressivity that is completely free and unique.

Easy-to-read, iconic and at times minimal shapes bring out ceramic decorations that are rich and soft. This is the common denominator of a series of products that were designed without ever losing sight of the inspiration brought about by fresh, airy, green and vital environments belonging to the domestic, working and catering sphere. The end users of the product were also taken into consideration, as they are interested in a product that weaves together a set of values and images that intentionally do not focus on Appropriation or on a specific stylistic code, but rather on the most authentic joie de vivre.


Just like the shiny and elusive surfaces of motoring helmets, Ayrton reflects and emphasizes the light that touches its surface, outlining shimmering contours that, on its smooth vitreous skin, give great depth to the varnish.

The lower part of its volume is cut to maximize the light output that fills its inner surfaces and optimally releases while slightly directing the light.


Just like a jewel, the bright ceramic elements are organized in a vertical series that forms a varied and colorful chain. This chain progresses while alternating geometries until it reaches the most important element that contains the lighting element.

Lariat is available in different versions and variants, creating different lengths and types of use, all made up of small ceramic beads with polished enameling and fresh and contemporary colors.


The evenness of the surface, a phytomorphic inspiration expressed through a revolutionary solid that alternates linear rigor and wavy softness, and the decorative technique of the engobe that highlights its volumes with shiny and opaque finishes, are the main features of this direct light lamp. Its main source emerges unshielded from the main body to maximize the light emission.


With its undulated surfaces and vertical inlays that repeat themselves along the whole perimeter, the Madame Grès diffusor reminds us of a pleated garment or a fabric rather than a rigid and motionless element. Its surfaces are decorated with opaque engobed finishes that all the more refine its outlines, making them soft and silky. They open up around the light source, creating a wide beam that illuminates the surrounding environment.


The formal precision and rigor of the volumes are the distinctive features of this collection that, skillfully combining regular geometric shapes, distinctive patterns and concealed technical elements, create shapes of great impact that are almost metaphysical and are able to fit perfectly in different environments. Available in several variants and applications, the Pi collection makes impeccable use of decorative ceramic techniques as they surround rich, pleasant and balanced surfaces.


Tempo and precision are elements that a Brazilian musician needs to create typical carioca rhythms, but they are also the main characteristics of the main body of this suspension lamp. Clean and harmonious features highlight the finishes on its surface: a partial crystalline bath, hand-made by the ceramist and thus always different, that once fired reveals the glaze of the product, intensifying its color and emphasizing its rounded shapes.


The familiarity of the shapes emerges from the contained outline of the diffusor and becomes the main theme of the collection, which revolves around rigid and balanced lines, refined by an external and artisanal engobe. This leaves a clear mark on the surface of the ceramic that identifies a rougher area and another that is smoother and more precise; a contrast that does not dived but rather embellishes and creates a connection. 

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