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Flag: nomadic functionality

16 October 2023

A system of accessories to optimize small spaces in the kitchen – Design: Damiano Latini


At Damiano Latini, what is certain is that nothing is forever. This dynamic society, always with a keen eye on the world, draws inspiration from everyday life to create new products with attention to aesthetics and functionality. Aware of the change in millennials’ lifestyles, on the threshold of forty years and of all subsequent generations, Damiano Latini is looking for flexible, versatile furnishing solutions that can be easily removed and reconfigured in different environments.

Flag is a kitchen under-cabinet system designed to meet two specific needs: to optimize the limited spaces often featuring the kitchens and to offer a mobile solution that does not require fixing the backrest or wall units. Flag, as the product name suggests, is inspired by a flag. It is a vertical upright with a mobile element at the top that can rotate 180°, just like a flag tied to a pole.

The new feature of this system is the possibility to rotate an accessory 180°, thus allowing the user to position the undercabinet anywhere in the kitchen without worrying about the size of the accessories or that a shelf may be above the burners. A sub-cabinet system that does not require wall anchoring and placed between the worktop and the kitchen wall unit.

The manual rotation of the feet allows travel of the mast of 3 cm and guarantees stability to the system, putting the mast in tension. Flag is also customizable in the configuration both for the possibility of deciding the number of uprights and the position of the elements along the height of the vertical upright, and for the type of accessories that can be chosen (goblet holder, shelves, kitchen hooks, roll holder). The only fixed position is the swivel joint positioned 35 cm high from the top. In addition, the system is also available with LED lighting integrated into the rear of the pillar, with a remote control for switching on/off and adjusting the light intensity.


Flag will be exhibited for the first time at SICAM 2023, at Damiano Latini: Hall 1 – Stand C6.

Damiano Latini

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