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For a trendy lighting you can dare thanks to the 2022 colours of FAI

17 June 2022

New solutions for home, offices and commercial lighting


For FAI company, to follow the new colour tendencies, is to venture with new shadows and new colours. Hence the decision to enlarge the colour palette of products and accessories that have always distinguished the production of the company located in Misano Gera D’Adda (Bergamo, Italy). Rosettes, lamp glasses, lamp holders, small parts, metal cages, buttons, switches, dimmers, jacks and colour cables. Four new shades will make FAI products even closer to the style of furniture, the taste and the needs of the rooms, but above all they will allow everyone to illuminate their homes with new ideas and inspirations.

FAI products are tinged with warm and cold shades, to allow multiple combination possibilities for chandeliers, lampshades, pendants, visible lighting systems, or appliques.



This colour takes its name from the homonymous steel and perfectly fits in industrial or rural contexts where steel and wood take over in the fittings.



An elegant and refined shade to perfectly match different textures, materials and shades, and offer the client the opportunity to compose a lighting system or a chandelier, perfectly in tune with the environment style.



A colour that takes on the shades of a greenish brown, often used in combination with camouflage textures, an excellent neutral base for any colour in the house lighting, without distinction of style: classic, bohemian or industrial.


Dove grey

A colour that encloses the shades of the earth, unmissable in the interior design, as part of a “neutral” category, easily combines with a very wide range of colours already proposed by FAI.

All the necessary elements to shape a customized composition that can express the style of those who make it!



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