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Giada System is a simple, fast, and complete system to manage light

5 December 2022

Its installation in an electrical system is easy. It does not require any configuration program and is at any time scalable and expandable. The small dimension of the module allows its installation inside the lighting body or a junction box.

The module can be added later with no need for changes in the system, as it is compatible with all light sources on the market. The device can be sold as part of the lighting body or as an optional module making it perfect in case of renovation or implementation of the existing systems. The screw terminals facilitate the wiring, with marked connections and a QR code placed on each module to download the instruction sheet.

The Giada System range manages all the light sources on the market, 110-230V (50-60Hz) line voltage or 12-48Vdc low voltage lamps. Once powered, the Giada Plus App detects the module following simple steps. Once connected to Wi-Fi, digit the password. The management of light sources can occur using traditional buttons or innovative ways: voice commands, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, PCs, remote controls, sensors, etc. Using a Wi-Fi system means considerable advantages in terms of security, response speed, management from multiple devices at the same time, no distance limits and a mesh network structure between the cads. In addition, light is customizable by changing Giada settings.

The latest entry in the Giada world is Tango, which allows the user to manage all the light sources. The more advanced versions of Tango provide light control via App, voice command or remote control to fully integrate with the Giada system.

For a complete proposal, new Gateways are being developed for the DALI, DMX and ZigBee world to meet also the tertiary system. Giada System allows the regulation of the light brightness through mosfet stages, guaranteeing high quality and precision.

All Giada System devices are “Made in Italy”, as they are designed, produced and tested in Italy.

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