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Gold and silver special PVD coatings

5 September 2022

Sputtering & Evaporation Deposition of Valuable Metals


In PVD deposition, ODL treats metals under vacuum to condense them into thin films on the objects to be coated, such as lighting components, optical lenses, fashion accessories, parts for military applications or medical devices.

Unlike other metals, the deposition of Gold or Silver comes with unique qualities for special high-end applications. It also requires specific production equipment and know-how for granting cost control and material transfer efficiency and uniformity. Among the services offered by ODL is precious metals PVD sputtering or evaporation for a variety of shapes, sizes, and purities for both R&D and production applications.

ODL precious metal deposits can serve as decorative or functional coatings, for example providing an aesthetic finish or improving material properties, like durability, connectivity, or light control capabilities


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