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Guarantee, quality and service: the ZEMIS value chain

10 June 2022

Increasingly refined, exclusive, and custom-made lighting fixtures


ZEMIS has been a family business for over forty years. ZEMIS was setup in the Livenza furniture production district in Friuli – North East of Italy, one of those districts where the unique phenomenon of ‘Made in Italy’ originated. With young Riccardo Piccin the company has embarked on a path of professional growth that is successfully continuing year after year. Learning from the production capabilities of the past, yet with constant attention to new technologies such as the use of LED and applied Domotics, ZEMIS luminaires have become increasingly sophisticated, exclusive and custom made.

Especially in recent years, ZEMIS is increasingly recognized for its ability to timely develop engineered solutions for the projects required by the clients. This result is made possible thanks to the availability and continuous dialogue of a young team with innovative ideas: from the technical office to production. The precious combination of a coordinated industrial development balanced with the attention to artisanal-oriented products, are the premises allowing to offer an increasingly appreciated customer service. Customer care starts from the designing phase up to the development from the offer to the post-sale stages. From the material provisioning to the intermediate processing and delivery, ZEMIS carries out strict quality checks aimed to excellent and high-quality solutions and installations.

ZEMIS is configured in all respects as a dynamic partner for a custom-made design service, from the architectural contract to the technical sector, from the furniture to the automotive sector.

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