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Home-automation system for a jewel of Umbrian hospitality

15 November 2020

Masonry works avoided by installing a Vimar multifunction home automation module in each room


Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel & Spa is a boutique hotel overlooking the main square in Montefalco, a jewel-town containing a rich art heritage and one of the key centres of Umbrian Renaissance painting. Built in the early 1400s, until the nineteenth century the palace was owned by the powerful Bontadosi family before being sold to a family of papal pharmacists and alchemists.

On the other hand, the history of the hotel is much more recent: it opened in 2009 intending to endow the area with a top-level hospitality facility. In this magnificent frescoed space, there are twelve rooms – 5 Superior, 3 Deluxe, 3 Junior Suites and 1 Suite, as well as a restaurant, a wellness centre and an art gallery. All different but linked by a smart combination of ancient and modern and by close attention to detail, the rooms are bound by an invisible harmony, while distinguishing themselves thanks to features such as the splendid original frescoes, furniture, colours and decorating items making them unique.

The array of technology equipment present in the structure is also unique. Indeed, the electrical system was recently renewed and integrated with the By-me home automation system. For smaller structures such as Palazzo Bontadosi, this is the ideal solution as it enables the rooms to be automated, offering the possibility of monitoring them directly from the reception desk. Lights, climate control and automation of each room can be managed locally by the guest or centrally regulated using the tablet at the reception. This thanks to the Vimar web server, a device that enables the entire home automation system to be controlled remotely through the intuitive By-web app, giving the owners and staff constant control.

In this way, it is possible to check the state of the room, so as lights and temperature, intervening if necessary and avoiding the risk of energy waste. Although these operations can be carried out centrally by the staff, each room is also equipped with home automation controls and transponder card readers, allowing the guests to set their preferred conditions and to safely access. Vimar technology was also appointed to preserve all the precious historical legacies such as frescoes, plasters, stuccoes and floors.

Indeed, the need was not to intervene with masonry works, and that was possible by installing a Vimar multifunction home automation module in each room, a switchboard device that made it possible to create a home automation system without having to perform invasive interventions. It was placed simply by connecting the Bus cable to its inputs and outputs. In this way, the module became the true “heart” of the room, also thanks to the two specific pre-settings. The ”Lights” configuration is planned to create lighting scenarios when entering or leaving the room (general off). A hotel that became smart from this perspective, adapting in time to the needs of its guests.

And while Vimar technology makes the work of the hotel staff easier and offers guests the best in terms of comfort, the design of the installed devices further enhances the interiors of this facility. To frame Vimar controls the Arké series was chosen, both in the Round metal version and in different shades to perfectly integrate with the environment. Surrounded by such beauty, guests staying at Palazzo Bontadosi can count on an unforgettable experience, made possible thanks also to the technological contribution of Vimar devices.



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