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How a unique “Made in Italy” creation is made

18 March 2021

Behind the scenes of the blown glass lamp Beam Stick Nuance by OLEV


In the heart of the Veneto region, there is a workshop where time seems to standstill. A company where a truly fascinating art is practiced: glass blowing. Glass blowing is a craft that goes back thousands of years and is now becoming increasingly rare. This art has been treasured for centuries on Murano island in Venice, where the most extraordinary masterpieces of glass art were created.

Today these master glassmakers are among the few in the world to carry on the Venetian tradition by creating fine artifacts, appreciated and sought after worldwide. This is where Beam Stick Nuance was made: the gradient glass pendant lamp signed by OLEV’s Art Director Marc Sadler.

3 different layers for a unique art piece

Everything starts with the melting of a mixture of sand and minerals in a furnace called a crucible. This mixture will result into transparent glass, but first it is melted until it becomes an incandescent mass that can be processed. The craftsman removes the dense, soft mass from the crucible with a long metal rod, rotating it so that it does not drip downwards. Once it has cooled, he places it in a different crucible, which contains the mixture for the white glass. The cream white glass will give the sphere of Beam Stick Nuance the matt effect that softens the light and creates the pleasant feeling of diffused light.

But for the unique nuances of Beam Stick Nuance, a third mixture is needed, which contains the color pigments. With 3 different layers of expertly crafted glass, Beam Stick Nuance features truly one-of-a-kind nuances.

It is an art piece that cannot be reproduced in an identical and standardized way.

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