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In SB LUX the passion for Lighting Design gives birth to the 3D Light Method

2 May 2024

In a world where light shapes spaces and emotions, Andrea Dondi, founder of SB LUX Lighting studio, has distinguished himself as a passionate expert in the field of lighting. Starting from a young age, Dondi transformed his passion for lighting design into a cutting-edge profession, creating the revolutionary 3D Light Method.

SB LUX Lighting, based in Modena, has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the lighting design landscape, thanks to Andrea’s innovative and personalized approach. The 3D Light Method is not just a design technique, it’s a philosophy. Focused on the visual and sensory experience of the user, it transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments through the wise and creative use of light.

The innovation he brought to the field also extends to divulgence. With the SB LUX YouTube channel becoming the most followed in Italy in the field of lighting design, Andrea Dondi made a usually complex and fascinating matter accessible and understandable to everyone. With over 700 thousand views, the channel is a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike, promoting the culture of light and inspiring new generations of designers. Andrea’s vision goes beyond creating lighting projects, it aims to raise awareness on the fundamental role of light in creating and enhancing the quality of the spaces we live in and in people’s well-being. With the 3D Light Method, the SB LUX Lighting studio doesn’t just do design but tells stories with light, creating environments that evoke emotion and improve the lives of those who live them.

The impact of Andrea Dondi and the SB LUX Lighting studio in the lighting sector is a testament to the importance of passion, innovation, and divulgence in transforming not just spaces, but also the perception and appreciation of light in our daily lives.


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