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Inline Splicing Connectors in which visibility, speed and versatility are summed up in a word, or rather in a number

6 March 2023

The simplicity of WAGO’s new 221 Series meets the expectations of global manufacturers. The reason? Let’s find it out together


WAGO’s 221 Series Inline Splicing Connector have already convinced many manufacturers both for internal wiring and equipment connections. A success, that of WAGO, due to its intrinsic peculiarities, recognized by product managers, designers, and developers: the undoubtful reliability throughout the product life-cycle. Nevertheless, electrical installers choose the 221 Series for speed, simplicity and wiring safety.

With the WAGO 221, manufacturers of lighting equipment and other electrical devices, the so-called OEMs, can rely on universal mounting carriers for a group of connectors because the WAGO 221 connect all conductor types from 0.14 to 6 mm² (28–10 AWG) easily, quickly and certainly reliably. It translates into tangible advantages in terms of time and money compared to traditional screw or welding technology. With WAGO Serie 221 it only takes to lift the lever, insert the conductor and lower the lever, all without tools. Ease of use is indeed the key to the success of this family of terminal blocks while maintaining the wiring safety unchanged.

In the world of electrical wiring, the wide range of worldwide applications of WAGO’s new 221 Series Inline Splicing Connector and accessories is made possible through the achievement of several national and international type- and use- certifications.


Briefly summarizing why OEMs choose WAGO 221 Series Terminal Blocks, are worth to be mentioned:

  • the wide range of products and accessories (2, 3, 5 – wire connectors);
  • pioneering universal spring connection technology;
  • exhaustive international certifications obtained;
  • for its extreme ease of use: lift the lever, insert the stripped wire, and push the lever back down. All is done through a versatile connection and in total safety.
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