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Intelligent lighting solutions via Bluetooth

28 October 2020

WiSilica and iGuzzini together


WiSilica, the world-class IoT solution provider for smart environments, and iGuzzini illuminazione, the international leader in the field of architectural lighting, announce a strategic partnership to develop smart solutions for a wide range of lighting applications. The collaboration aims at building a shared know-how in ‘people-centric’ lighting, both in terms of Smart Light Control and Smart Light Services, in an efficient way. By exploiting the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, light can easily be managed from a mobile device or provide additional information and services for the users. Thanks to the BLE technology – by now included in every device -, light becomes portable, thereby facilitating installation, programming and management of the system. Remote control is also possible using an IP protocol across a BLE-WiFi interface, again using a smartphone or directly online. Furthermore, light can also create new smart services for the benefit of energy administrators and users.

In particular, thanks to beacon technology integrated into the lighting system and the BLE protocol, it is possible to receive digital information by activating proximity marketing services (push notifications), route indications (indoor navigation) or data about the use of spaces (space management) directly on a device. Control devices and intuitive apps provided by Wisilica together with iGuzzini’s extensive lighting solutions portfolio enable a wide range of applications through energy efficient and easy installations in places of culture, work, retail, cities, infrastructure and hospitality & living.

“We are excited to partner with iGuzzini and work-along a globally recognized professional architectural lighting innovator,” says Suresh Singamsetty, CEO of WiSilica. “Our expertise in wireless capabilities and automation supports iGuzzini in precisely controlling lights and boost energy savings. Further, our DALI compliant devices enable them with flexibility to integrate seamlessly into vast ecosystems,” he adds.

WiSilica pioneered the world’s first location-aware IoT platform, ARIXA, combining smart lighting and real time location services. The platform seamlessly integrates hardware, middleware, cloud, and application interfaces to power a wide range of applications. With combined efficiencies from both companies, customers can now easily access open, connected, automated, and easily manageable lighting systems.

“Our aim has always been that of supporting the lighting community by offering as many solutions as possible for their projects worldwide and fulfilling their needs for flexibility and efficiency” declared Massimiliano Guzzini, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of iGuzzini illuminazione.Unlike other proprietary standards, the Bluetooth technology enables interoperability allowing our clients (both designers and end customers) to combine multiple lighting solutions and to optimise the whole system in terms of technology, performances and project costs thanks to its great adaptability, reliability and ease of use‘.

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