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Interview with Mr Marek Orłowski

5 September 2022

President of the Polish Association of Lighting Industry, Marek Orłowski is the organiser of the 30th International Trade Show LIGHT 2023 in Warsaw, Poland


Q: What is the Trade Show LIGHT in Warsaw, and why it is worth exhibiting there?

Light Fair in Warsaw is the main lighting event in Eastern Europe, constantly organised over the last 30 years. But let me stress that, thanks to the enormous number of conferences, workshops, lectures and events, it is not only an exhibition but also a platform of connection, creativity and innovation, generating fantastic opportunities for manufacturers and customers.


Q: The pandemic and now the war in Ukraine. How has the market in Poland changed?

Before the pandemic, the Polish economy was rapidly growing. It is no surprise that after almost two years of lock-down, it is now blooming again. Unfortunately, in Poland, like all countries in Europe, inflation continues to spread, but this does not seem to slow down the growth in the construction sector. The war in Ukraine closed the market there. On the other hand, this situation has opened a huge demand for new construction projects in Poland.


Q: Please, tell us more about the next edition of the Light Fair in Warsaw. When is it taking place, and which Italian exhibitors and visitors can you expect to attend?

The 30th edition of the International Trade Show LIGHT will take place on March 15-17 2023 in Warsaw. On a space of around 15.000 sqm, over 300 exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present their products and lighting solutions. Over 10.000 visitors, not only from Poland, will arrive to have F2F contact with them. We are sure that the event will be successful, and we encourage Italian companies to be present at the Light 2023 Fair in Warsaw, especially if they are willing to sell their products to new customers. Additionally, the current global political situation shows that cooperation between European manufacturers is not only possible but necessary. This cooperation and collaboration are possible in the different fields of the lighting industry. I believe that this is especially possible between Italian and Polish manufacturers. We can discuss this on different forums, but the best result will raise from meeting the exhibitors at LIGHT 2023 in Warsaw. I am sure of that.

I am therefore inviting the Italian companies to visit our website. See you all at LIGHT 2023 in Poland!

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