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Interzum 2023, a long-awaited return for Ivars

5 May 2023

Interzum is the premier event for the B2B interior design supplier industry, providing a catalyst for the emergence of new trends, and an opportunity for businesses to gauge their current offerings and gain inspirations for future development.

All Ivars divisions draw upon this experience to understand where the market is heading, what customers’ needs are, and how best to meet them in the form of seating and accessories solutions. After the 4-year hiatus, the anticipation surrounding Interzum 2023 is stronger than ever before, and the offering of seating, kits and components is even richer.

Ivars stand presents the company’s historic accessories alongside its new seatings, the culmination of their ongoing technical and design research, aimed at meeting market and customer needs through the creation of functional and versatile products. The new product offering includes original solutions intended for managerial use as well as products designed for more general, multifunctional settings.

The German trade fair has always provided a unique stage for businesses to showcase their products. This year, more than ever, it is a priceless opportunity for building relationships: a one-of-a-kind opportunity for invaluable face-to-face discussions, where customers will once again have the opportunity to touch products and components with their own hands.

The stand has been designed with a large area reserved to hold meetings and to foster discussion and insights. This aspect is of great importance to Ivars; their relationship with partners serves as a source of inspiration to create better products from a technical and functional point of view, and to offer increasingly tailored services. A recent initiative is to offer a consultancy-based approach, also creating dedicated components or kits to better allow for end-market diversification.

The versatility of the items offered by Ivars has always been recognised as one of its qualities, and is increasingly becoming a strength of the product offering within the seating and accessories divisions.

Another strength – of both the products and the manufacturing process – is the company’s green credentials: the use of recycled and recyclable materials is a must, and today’s products comply with the most stringent regulations, including those relating to eco-friendly design and “CAM” (Minimal Environmental Criteria), which requires supplied elements to be made from suitable materials.

Regarding plastics, Ivars respects the parameters of the VOC analysis in accordance with UNI EN ISO 16000-9 methodology, and the ISO 14021 E “Second life plastic” standard, while all fabric coverings comply with the OEKO-TEX standard.

The issue of recyclability and the environmental impact of products and production processes has become more pressing and sensitive than ever, and Ivars is committed to meeting these challenges to offer a range that not only gives quality and versatility, but which is also eco-friendly, ensuring a more sustainable future for us all.


The appointment with Ivars is at stand C040/B049 in Hall 4.2

Further information here

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