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Ionia Stone Identity: the natural stone and the search for innovative techniques

13 October 2023

The artisan experience gained in five decades, the culture for the natural stone materials and the continuous search for innovative techniques: Ionia Stone Identity is the perfect combination of art, craftsmanship and technological power. Specialized in the production of worktop, vanity top and furniture surfaces in natural stone (granite, quartzite…), ceramic and composite, Ionia is the ideal partner for who is looking for solutions to create projects with a strong emotional, technological and material impact. A catalogue with over two hundred materials, high precision manufacturing, have allowed the company over the years to collaborate with the world of architecture and design, creating prestigious hotel and residential projects.

Over the years, more and more, the company has approached the furniture sector, with the now consolidated prospect of evolving as a production partner of surfaces and furnishing components. For Ionia, taking part in SICAM, an important appointment for the furniture industry in which operators and companies aiming to establish themselves on the international market, was a natural choice. Inside pavilion 10, C2, it is possible to admire materials, products and processes proposed but, it is possible to discover the flexibility above all to cooperate and the ability of Ionia to cooperate and support companies, architects and designers in every phase of the project. Also this year Quooker Italy and Ionia Stone Identity renewed their partnership. Quooker is the inventor of the boiling water dispensing system which, with over 50 years of experience and more than 80 patents, is the world’s largest manufacturer of this type of product.


A combination of technique and expressiveness merging minimum thickness with minimal shapes

The leitmotifs of this SICAM are the lightness of modernity and the void as a compositional tool: materials with thin thicknesses perfectly joined with acute angles, processes that visually reduce the higher thicknesses, games of solids and voids emphasized by the light/dark chromatic contrast are the beautiful and well-made branded Ionia Stone Identity. After presenting the K-Design collection of ceramic bathroom sinks at the last edition of SICAM, Ionia offers, to complete it, a line of bathroom furniture available in different compositions and materials: melamine, lacquered, porcelain stoneware or lightened natural stone. The latter brings the splendour of this precious material to surfaces that normally could not support its weight, without however compromising its intrinsic characteristics.

Absolutely new is IONIA UNIQUE IoK Collection, unique and exclusive materials branded and designed by Ionia Stone Identity. A range of ceramics, combining style and versatility of use, giving a contemporary and harmonious charm to projects. Inspired by precious natural stone, Ionia Stone Identity expands its catalogue: IoK Imperiale Camouflage and IoK Imperiale Brown Illusion. All these have fabricated in partnership with an Italian specialized porcelain slab producer, exclusively for Ionia Stone Identity. Timeless textures. Refined and with a strong scenographic impact, IoK Imperiale Camouflage shows a dense network of grey veins which, similar to cobwebs, crossing and standing out from the greyish white background.

Its charming classic soul is transformed into material minimalism and refined prestige. A vertical modular molding, which almost acts as a bookcase or display unit and reveals Ionia’s precision and skill in working and gluing the material. Chromatic scenography in the background that varies from light to dark brown, with spots rippling like waves on the ocean surface. Liquid shapes, expressionist brushstrokes, swirling textures create combinations of contrasting but also tone-on-tone colours in IoK Imperiale Brown Illusion. Three seats have been proposed which, placed side by side like pieces of a puzzle, make-up a bench with a simple and contemporary geometry aspect. Three full volumes in stark contrast to the voids that characterizes and composes the central island.

The island is a concept: the void designs simple, majestic and at the same time light volumes characterized by the dark and light chromatic contrast. Made of IoK Imperiale Calacatta Black and IoK Imperiale Statuario porcelain stoneware, both with a glossy surface, it highlights how Ionia can perform the cutting and gluing of thin thicknesses even in “extreme” situations such as acute angles. The sink made of AISI 304 stainless steel is entirely covered with the same ceramic materials as the top, glued in 45° technique. The faucet is a real household appliance: Quooker Flex finish Canna di Fucile. A tap for hot, cold, boiling, chilled and sparkling water with a double-walled round opening, equipped with a child-proof double-pressure rotary knob.

Ionia Stone Identity has thus been able to combine the artisan skills of its workers with new technologies, giving life to a semi-industrial production process. The result is pure and never ostentatious beauty that elevates and transforms apparent fragility into wonder.


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