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Italamp protagonist of Euroluce with the new collections and a new vision of light

17 May 2023

“The Crackle of Light” project offered Italamp visitors a true sensory experience, transporting them into a world of images and sounds of glass and its fascinating genesis


ITALAMP took part in the Salone del Mobile 2023 by presenting an exceptional project: “The Crackle of Light”, an intimate space where guests, equipped with headphones, were taken on journey into the deeper sounds of the creation process. This project fits well with the proposal of a company capable of interpreting light even in unusual ways, demonstrating an uncommon capability for lateral thinking and innovation.


New collections 

PIOLA by Danilo De Rossi. The designer started from the concept of a luminous diaphragm. Like a refined veil with an architectural appearance, PIOLA shows all its decorative and illuminating authority. A perfect expression of ITALAMP’s deep design and know-how, it interprets glass and light in an unprecedented way, between state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship.

It appears as a weave of glass and metal composed of fine cast glass rods, embellished with a texture of micro bubbles, crossed by thin light gold metal rods.

The structure has supports, at alternated heights, on which the glass rods are assembled and from which two internal LEDs create a beam of light that passes through the glass, enhancing the bubbles, with a very striking, almost oxygenating effect.

MARGOT, designed by Roberta Vitadello, among the new additions.

To amaze and excite, enhancing the classic tradition, the ancient and noble “savoir.faire” made in Italy, synonymous with concreteness and precious roots on which to build the future. This is the ambitious premise that guides Roberta Vitadello’s design thinking in the interpretation of the new MARGOT chandelier, thanks to an innate sensitivity and deep know-how of glass and crystal processes. MARGOT is a complete and perfect micro-architecture and takes inspiration from timeless classic design to interpret the most elegant contemporary trends.

Rare as a pearl this chandelier is made of hand-carved crystal and glass.

The metal structure comes in matte black finish, the lampshades in anthracite fabric while the decorative metal details in gold finish with stones.

AURORA, design Virginia Cei, an eclectic, colorful and playful collection. A multifaceted soul with a seductive retro allure, AURORA is characterised by an innovative language, defining pure and minimal yet eccentric shapes. Its naming alludes to the light that takes over the sky just before sunrise, anticipating the concept of the project, which is based on the balance between light and shadow, magic that comes from the perfect dialogue between the geometric shapes of the sphere and the hemisphere. Declined in every versions, it includes floor, table, ceiling, suspension and wall solutions.

NUBE, designed by Defne Koz, almost magically, captures the shifting balance of rounded forms. Like clouds swirling in the air, like soap bubbles coming to life, its compositional capacity is powerful and takes inspiration from the contamination of different traditions and artistic skills: the exterior in Murano glass and the interior in hand carved crystal: two techniques that dialogue for a unique result. The three magical and super-transparent colors: blue avio, salmon pink, and fumè – come from a newly developed Murano glass palette, while the stripes on the crystal inner tube create striking refractions. The metal frame is in iron grey finish.

Italamp has been chosen as a partner for the set up of the Euroluce Restaurants – a project curated by Lissoni & Partners – Halls 11 and 15, whose menus are curated by chefs Daniel Canzian and Gennaro Espositois. Regolo, Steno and Milo are the suspension chosen to interpret the setting. The restaurants are islands of warm light within the industrial space of the fair. High backlit walls with graphics reproducing some of Milan’s most iconic architecture, together with the green touch given by the plants, host the products of the project’s partner companies and make the environment welcoming.


CREDITS ARREDI STAND – armchairs, sofas, tables

Thanks to:

Starset designer Patrick Jouin



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