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Ivars, functional and versatile seating solutions for office environments

11 October 2021

Our work makes yours better!


Ivars is a market-leading company with an international presence. Its core business is the design and production of seating solutions for the Office and Community environments. When faced with the new and wholly unexpected business environment caused by the pandemic, they’ve shown that they’re a company that knows how to take decisive action. Not only have they been able to restructure our working methods and internal spaces, but they’ve also redefined their business objectives to redesign their product range. Being a company with such a significant turnover, they’ve chosen to maintain their market presence by focusing on reliability and constant support through a functional, versatile and customisable product range.

In keeping with this ethos, the product range for 2021/2022 is dedicated to the Seating section, with components for Office chairs and an extended selection dedicated to smart working, the Accessories section which boasts an ample and varied range of products with large-scale production, and the Building section which features high-performance and superior-quality building products that meet the highest safety standards. The major new products and new slogan that will accompany all Ivars communication over the next two years testify to their commitment to uphold their Corporate Vision that places Man at the Centre: “Our work makes yours better!”.


The strength of Accessories, resources and opportunities

Over the years, Ivars has been able to create strategic partnerships with other major players in the Accessories sector in order to help raise the overall quality standards of their product range, the materials used and the aesthetics of each individual item. In fact, for over 70 years now it is the Accessories Division that’s contributed to positioning the company among the international leaders in the sector, thanks to its distinctive and competitive product offering oriented towards the B2B sector. This wealth of experience makes it an important support for the Seating Division, but over time it’s been able to serve numerous other sectors as well: from the furniture sector to do-it-yourself to hardware to wood and metal processing, including the hospital sector. Indeed, the company’s pro-active and functional market alignment has ensured it has been able to play a major role supporting our clients working in essential services, both during the lockdown and in the following months of the health emergency caused by Covid19.


An extensive and high-quality catalogue

After the enforced hiatus caused by the pandemic, Ivars has decided to get the ball rolling again with a first appearance at a sector trade fair, and so the Ivars Accessories Division will be attending Sicam 2021, the International Exhibition of Components, Semi-finished Products and Accessories for the Furniture Industry. The renowned versatility of the Accessories product range goes hand in hand with functionality, as highlighted by the vast selection of sizes and alternatives uses offered. These characteristics make them an indispensable feature in our day-to-day lives, capable of meeting the needs of many different sectors: from furniture to a broad variety of industrial sectors. It should be mentioned that the entire Ivars product range is designed and produced in Italy, in the company’s own factories located in the province of Brescia (Italy): a guarantee of famed Made-in-Italy quality.

The extensive range includes: headrest covers, tips, castors, feet, star knobs, accessories for seating, furniture and tables, office supplies, hospital medical equipment, hangers, umbrella stands, and components for bed bases. Moreover, great importance has been given to the castors product range, which in recent years has grown considerably and now totals no fewer than twenty different types of wheels. The company decided to renew their Castors Catalogue to maximise customer service and guarantee a complete and fully updated tool, which is further enhanced thanks to their kits that can be customised to suit specific customer requirements. With entrepreneurial foresight, Ivars has acquired enviable expertise over their 70 years in business. Ongoing investments in research and development, constant analysis and monitoring of international trends, and continuous dialogue with their clients have undoubtedly helped forge their solid foundations over the years.

Today as in the past, Ivars has been able to respond strategically and promptly to market demands by offering solutions capable of anticipating future needs. The company’s desire to ensure maximum client satisfaction, in perfect coherence with its philosophy that places Man at the Centre, remains the cornerstone of the Ivars code of ethics.

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