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Ivars functional and advanced solutions for seatings

29 October 2020

In the face of the current health emergency, Ivars has been working to come up with effective solutions by both identifying those products in our catalogue that are able to fully satisfy current market demands, and by researching new, more advanced solutions.

In the last few months, as a result of the Covid19 health emergency, new market needs have emerged, aimed primarily at protecGng people’s health and lives. Indeed, over recent weeks, guaranteeing social distancing and ensuring maximum hygiene standards to reduce bacterial spread has become absolutely fundamental.

Ivars Spa is a B2B company which has specialised in the processing of plasticm materials since 1947. It mainly deals with accessories and components  always paying close attention to these issues and trying to meet current and future market needs. 

The corporate vision which drives its work is based on the concept of Man
at the Centre. This approach focuses on protecting internal and external human resources, as well as maintaining continuous dialogue with its clients in order to guarantee their complete satisfaction. College, a shell specifically designed by Ivars for furnishing Educational settings: it provides an ideal solution for guaranteeing social distancing within environments used for training purposes.
The model, featuring a distinctive storage basket for personal stuff, a 4-star base and a totally revolving writing tablet, provides a completely self-contained, easy-to-use study station which can be moved around the room.

College an extremely functional and effective solution 

College ensures social distancing requirements within a classroom and to reduce physical contact with extreme ease. It features an entirely plastic shell, which is available in 6 trendy colours. This makes it extremely simple to clean and saniCse. Extensive testing carried out by our R&D department has in fact recently demonstrated that College and all the seats in the catalogue with plastics at sight can be easily cleaned. You just need to use a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and bleach (or ammonia) at 0.1% dilution or water and alcohol 70° or even steam-cleaning equipment at 100°C, and the chair will be sanitised without causing any damage to the
materials. This guarantees that users can sit on Ivars seats being sure that they are extremely safe and hygienic.
College’s success is proven by the recent huge demand of nearly 200.000 kits in different configurations coming from some of the Italian customers who got orders to supply the Italian school with this innovative model. Considering each seat needs several components ( shell, base and castors etc…), Ivars along with its sister company Brado, thanks to the production capacity and the group reliability, in just 3 months time will be able to produce over 2 million components.

It provides the ideal answer to current market needs. And what’s more, its extreme versatility means it can adapt to different frames (4 metal legs,
sled and cantilever, as well as the new 4 wooden legs frame). This makes it the perfect solution for furnishing Contract environments functionally and
comfortably, as well as Community and Office locations. Given the high number of people using such environments, guaranteeing the possibility of cleaning and sanitising the shell easily is undoubtedly a major consideration. The shape itself guarantees the extrem ease of cleaning

Multiple configurations available thanks to a very versatile shell

Due to its peculiar design College is also a very versatile shell, and thanks to the configurator it is easy to choose the configuration that best suits your needs and request it directly to Ivars Sales Department.

Ivars towards a constant research for new solutions

At Ivars the research hasn’t stopped here: in June it obtained ISO 22196: 2011 process certification. Thanks to this, the company has been able to create the first seat containing antibacterial chemical additives, which prevent bacterial spread by further enhancing the advantages of cleaning and sanitisation. The antibacterial formulation of the plastic enhances the chair’s advantages in terms of hygiene and health because the chemical additives contained in the plastics migrate to the outer surface. Here, they form a film which creates an environment unfavourable for bacterial growth, and so they eventually die. 

The first chair available in an antibacterial version is Cary, the new work chair with a refined design. It’s intended primarily for Community areas such as waiting rooms and laboratories, informal Start-up office settings which are open shared spaces, but also for home working, a phenomenon which is becoming increasingly common, especially as a result of the current health emergency.

The goal is to offer to its clients the possibility of choosing the antibacterial
version on all models with plastics at sight to further enhance the “safety”
and health features already offered by the possibility of cleaning and sanitising them with ease. 

Always Ivars… your added value


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