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JAZZ waste bins by Ekotech

16 June 2022

Designed to be inserted in the drawer under the sink


Over the last few years, Ekotech has been producing a new series of waste bins to place under the kitchen sink, also with a soft closing option. These products are designed to meet the increasing needs of making the most of the space under the sink, both inside the chest of drawers, or at the bottom of the cabinet. The products are built and assembled with high-quality material (ABS), available in Orion Dark Gray, a trendy colour perfectly matching the other accessories. They can be packed, assembled in a box, or the parts can be supplied in bulk in master cartons to save space in stock on the shelves, positively affecting the transport costs.

The JAZZ model, specifically designed for the drawer under the sink, universally fits all kinds of drawers. Its key point is the remarkable load capacity thanks to the possibility of inserting, as in a Tetris, a higher number of buckets than the competitors.

Instead, FREE JAZZ can be positioned on the bottom of the cabinet or under the sink. Its strong point is the large load capacity and the different heights, based on the type of bucket inserted, to meet different needs and market demands. FREE JAZZ can also be equipped with soft closing guides for a silent and practical soft-closing and full extension possibility.

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