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Joe’s American lab

26 February 2024

A perfect combination of aesthetics, elegance and functionality


Joe Bastianich – the Italian-American restaurant entrepreneur and Cosentino Brand Ambassador – chooses the quality and technological innovation of Dekton® slabs for the new Joe’s American Lab in Milan, a kitchen specializing in the preparation of pure American Black Angus designed as the production center from which manage the supply for the Joe’s American BBQ network throughout Italy. The Lab will also become a professional training center open to all those who want to learn the secrets of authentic American BBQ culture. In fact, this is where the original preparation is executed, which involves a long, slow cooking process made possible by the quality of the cuts of meat that come exclusively from Creekstone Farm (USA) selected from herds fed on corn and left to graze on the meadows.


The Project

Crossing the entrance threshold of Joe’s American Lab, one is welcomed into a space dominated by an extensive wall clad full-height with large-format Dekton® Trilium slabs with an industrial look and qualified by a mix of volcanic shades ranging from grays, to browns, to deeper blacks that recreate the rust effect typical of oxidized steel but unexpectedly smooth to the touch. The play of chiaroscuro creates a strong metallic contrast capable of giving the surface a striking texture that lends a strong character to the entire environment.

The kitchen room is an open space with large windows that radiate natural light throughout the space. On the floor is Dekton® Eter with a strongly contemporary character that combines a dark granite background with delicate gray contrasts. On the walls, Dekton® Natura 22 faithfully replicates white Carrara marble with soft gray veins that stand out thanks to the brilliant high-gloss finish. The reflective nature of the intense color is due to the nanotechnological treatment and mechanical polishing process it undergoes.

The result is a crystalline luster. In the bathroom, the concrete-effect Dekton® Kreta slabs chosen for wall cladding give the surface a matte texture with a uniform appearance despite slight variations in intensity due to the density of the graphic pattern. The washbasin Reflection in Dekton® Kreta in continuity solution with the walls is rectangular and equipped with a double drain.



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