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Kathod’s lens most imitated, authentic and the one with a uniform and tight beam

22 October 2023

Efficiency of over 89% and uniform flux. Ideal for various applications (e.g. from medical to military, from automotive to architectural, etc.)


Today, Khatod thanks to important investments is strengthening very quickly its production department. Nowadays, the market is dynamic and increasingly demanding, especially with requests for high-performance narrow beams lenses. This significant challenge has allowed Khatod to implement the productivity of these leading products which are highly sought after and used worldwide.

The benefits of these optics are multiple and are widely used in the most varied applications due to their exceptional performance. Today, for example, in car racing competitions, the vehicles must be prepared with suitable LED headlights and the beam angle of the optics plays a significant role in allowing the driver to always have excellent visibility on the circuit. Furthermore, these optics are also highly appreciated in the medical sector (from operating rooms to dental facilities) to allow the doctor to be able to focus on the patients’ area to be operated on.

The Ultra Narrow Punch Beam Lenses from Khatod are high-efficiency TIR lenses, designed for use with the most popular existing Power LEDs of the latest generation. The light coming from the LED is collimated into a perfect ultra-narrow beam that maximizes the usable lumens in the target area. This is excellent for many new lighting applications requiring an enhanced focal depth.

Besides, these optics present a smooth light beam of uniform intensity that minimizes glare and maximizes the lighting efficiency, making them ideally suited for any application where a high efficiency is required (e.g. medical). Furthermore, the mounting onto the LED is easy and immediate: 3 pins on the lens bottom allow a precise and robust mounting. Made of optical grade PMMA, these optics work perfectly within the temperature range of -40° to +90°C.

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