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KYR padlockable cam lock

28 March 2021

The KYR locks program improves with the new padlockable cam lock KYR22pat.brev. for lockers and wardrobes. The study of this new lock has led the company Securital in Desio, Italy, to develop a product that could fully meet the growing demands of having a customized product in terms of logos and colours.

The new rotating knob was thought and projected with a clean and modern design without overlooking the grip. Indeed, this knob has an ergonomic shape which is also well taken by those who may have problem with their hands. Securital has been working on the cylindrical shape with a slight protrusion in the lower part to combine the comfortable and easy grip with a simple pleasant line that can be easily inserted into different types of structure and doors. In the design-phase it is essential to consider many aspects, such as the use with wet hands. In this occasion, as often happens with locker rooms used for gyms and swimming pools context, the knob offers a grip that can be easily rotated and pulled to open the door.

The new shape of the new knob also makes it accident-proof, as it has no sharp edges or critical points in the rotation that could cause abrasion and injuries. The new knob can be customized with the registry of the adhesive resin label by inserting logos and graphics also in four-color. Great attention is paid to the finishes and colours of the knob, such as Polished Chrome (CL) and Black (NE): the chosen treatments give the new lock a pleasant visual impact, making it durable over time.

The new lock KYR22, so as all the KYR LOCKS program, is 100% Italymade. In this regard Securital is allowed to issue the document required by customer exporting their products: “The long-term declaration for products having an original character under a preferential regime (Council Regulation No. 1207/2001 and subsequent amendments and additions).

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