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La salle de bain

23 April 2024

Discussing bathroom lighting means sketching the outlines of a unique experience, to define a space where comfort and privacy are intertwined with elegance and functionality


Barovier&Toso transforms lighting into an act of art that shapes every bathroom into an ode to comfort and privacy, infusing style and luxury through the glassmaking mastery of Murano.

Here, light transcends its practical role to become the creator of an enchanting atmosphere, turning every daily gesture into a ritual of charm. Barovier&Toso brings personality and style to these private spaces, with creations that synthesize luxury and craftsmanship.

Each piece reflects the legacy and skill of the Murano glass masters, warming the space with the story of an art form that has been renewed for centuries. Bathrooms have always been places dedicated to personal care and are now enriched with an aesthetic that finds its highest expression in Barovier&Toso lighting. The light does more than outline the space— it asserts itself as the main decorative element, merging beauty and utility in a timeless symphony.

Barovier&Toso’s bright solutions, sophisticated and elegant, become the pulsating heart or the starting point for refined interior design projects. They illuminate and define, creating adaptable scenarios for personalized atmospheres, turning each bathroom not just into a place of wellbeing, but into an experience of pure and absolute luxury. With passion and precision, Barovier&Toso’s artisans create lamps that are true works of Venetian Crystal art: the shapes of the glass weave dialogue with light, generating reflections and patterns that enhance surfaces and transform everyday rituals.

Thus, every Barovier&Toso masterpiece becomes a source of beauty, making the environment welcoming and warm. From classic lines to more modern interpretations, each creation becomes a statement of style. Elegance and practicality come together in the diverse lighting solutions, where design and art invoke a space designed to surrender the senses and take a break from the bustle of everyday life. The lights of Barovier&Toso, versatile and adaptable, meet every style and functional need, from lighting a master bathroom to adding a touch of grace in a guest space. Barovier&Toso does not simply light a space; it transforms it into a vibrant chapter of a story written with light and glass, an appeal to live and express one’s distinctive style.



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