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Light as design and innovation

30 September 2022

Technology, innovation, design and sustainability are the key concepts behind the products of the new LUMEITALIA brand born from the historic Mya Tech


Nowadays, light is technology, innovation, design, sustainability and, above all, the ability to communicate with other worlds and create scenarios where design meets research and technology to build efficient, dynamic, flexible, and quality light. These are the value and connotations of LUMEITALIA, the new brand of the historic company MYA TECH. We met the protagonists of this young, dynamic and innovative reality: Maryna Cherkasova – CEO, Matthias Benvegnù – Product Manager and Designer, and Marco Andreoni – Sales Manager.


How was LUMEITALIA born?

LUMEITALIA was born from a working group realizing that it has deep know-how gathered as a supplier of LED technologies for the lighting industry, and then decided to use it by creating a new brand of lighting equipment.


How is the technological know-how developed at MYA TECH?

MYA TECH, the parent company, is a very lean and flexible structure. The company works in Italy and abroad with strategic alliances for the development and production of components: diecasting, power supply and control, development of smart and IOT systems, charging systems for mobility and micro-mobility, and UV air sanitation systems.


What are the concepts characterizing the Company vision and the main sectors where it is present?

Our company expresses its vision in a sentence that represents its payoff: “TOUCH THE DIFFERENT LIGHT. DESIGN AND INNOVATION”. These are the concepts driving our everyday work. We are present in all segments of industrial and, above all, urban lighting: street, sports, large spaces, tunnels, and public transport and also with architectural lighting of both historic centre monuments and modern urban agglomerations. As far as the indoor sector is concerned, LUMEITALIA is in great demand for large-scale relamping operations of commercial chains and public spaces such as schools, gyms, and administrative buildings, offering integrated services: from customized production to constant assistance.


What distinguishes LUMEITALIA products from others on the market?

A LUMEITALIA product is easily identifiable for its attention to design. A performing luminaire almost disappears from the sight, being at the same time efficient, especially in terms of the luminance of the surface to be illuminated. Over the years, this approach has led us to develop innovative LED products and Opto-Electronic systems with colorimetric adaptation to the installation environments.

In addition, we focus on the IoT and artificial intelligence by providing systems easily configurable by the manager and allowing an extreme economy in terms of use. Another feature is sustainability. Since its inception, LUMEITALIA has brought to the market only appliances that can be 95% recycled or revamped, with the goal to create its circular economy by significantly reducing the usage of new resources and privileging materials that can re-enter after their use.


How do you combine innovation with design in LUMEITALIA products?

Our goal is to create design objects that are unknown to the eye but recognized by the heart, inspired by shapes already present in nature. We are very attentive to the selection of the material elements that, integrating with the optoelectronic solutions, become the protagonists of the product that must be in line with the “Less is More” philosophy.


What are the company goals for the future?

Short-term programs include the LIGHT & BUILDING fair in Frankfurt in October and the Ecomondo fair in Rimini in November. The inauguration of a new 1000 sqm headquarters in a structure designed by the famous architect Vico Magistretti. Among medium/long-term programs, the most meaningful one is to continue to work in happiness and harmony.


What will you present in Frankfurt?

LUMEITALIA will be at LIGHT & BUILDING, Hall 4.0Stand C81, where we present very innovative products: the PAD22, PAD 22 Urban, and DOLMEN system. PAD22 and PAD22 URBAN represent a single solution for obtaining all the control and management functions of a luminaire for urban lighting. Characteristics: from 0 to 80W with efficiency over 160 LM/W – Kromo Light System® dynamic light colour from 2200K to 6500K – LUME-FI – IoT management system with geolocation and 5G remote management – Z-OTP: adjustable aluminium optics variable in 5 different photometry via LUME-FI – LUME.SIGN – visual signalling system through perimeter colours managed with artificial intelligence automatisms – LUME SELF – Self-diagnosis system and self-request for maintenance interventions.

Instead, DOLMEN is a whole modular and versatile vertical system with vertical wood architectural solutions. Equipped with lighting elements always managed with the IoT LUMEITALIA systems, electric recharge up to 40KWh – “LUMECHARGE” and SCREEN TOUCH for advertising and public utilities with the “LUME.AD” management system that allows the complete management of video messages in a completely autonomous network with planning advertising functions managed and segmented by artificial intelligence. Various colours and options complete the collection of a rigorous and minimalist design.

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