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Light At Motion – Living The Outdoor

24 June 2024

Improving outdoor living environments through design solutions that enhance the shapes and purity of light


In the competitive landscape of architectural lighting, Light At Motion emerges as an undisputed leader thanks to its standing and constant innovation.

Conceived with the goal of placing itself at the forefront of architectural design through lighting, it has consolidated itself as a leader in the lighting segment. Its distinctive brands, LAM32 and minimuMaximum, not only offer designer products, but also reinforce the company’s position as an international benchmark company for architects, lighting designers and industry professionals.

Focused on a deep commitment to sustainable lighting and design excellence, Light At Motion has made of research and development its core. LED technology is the beating heart of its products, products that go far beyond the simple purpose of illuminating spaces. With its wide range of solutions, it stands out for its capability to adapt light to architecture, transforming outdoor environments and highlighting their details.

What makes Light At Motion truly special is its close relationship with industry professionals. Architects and Lighting Designers do not consider the company just as a supplier, but as a partner in the realization of their creative projects. With its global presence and its network of associates, Light At Motion offers support and consultancy at an international level, contributing to the success of projects around the world.

The design of Light At Motion’s products stands out for its creativity and versatility, offering solutions that go above simply lighting up spaces. The company aims to create products that not only can integrate harmoniously with the surrounding architecture, but can truly transform environments through the sensible use of light.

Thanks to a vast range of innovative products and technologies, Light At Motion offers solutions to create unique and engaging atmospheres, able to enhance architecture and landscape details. The know-how in design allows the company to create articulate scenarios, such as plays of shadows and reflections, which add depth and dimension to spaces, creating memorable visual experiences.

Light At Motion stands out for its ability to adapt lighting to specific aspects of architecture, emphasizing lines, textures and materials with targeted and meticulously designed lighting.

Collaboration is at the heart of the company philosophy, which is committed to establishing solid and long-lasting relationships with architects, lighting designers and other professionals in the architectural lighting sector. The company not only provides high-quality products, but acts as an active partner in supporting its customers at every stage of the design process.

With a customer-centric approach, Light At Motion works to fully understand their needs and visions, working closely together to transform these ideas into tangible realities. Thanks to its experience and expertise in the lighting engineering field, the company offers specialized technical consultancy and support, contributing to the success of its customers’ projects all over the world.

A complete proposal of luminaires that have received numerous awards in the architectural lighting sector, including the prestigious Dark Awards and the CODEGA Awards. These awards demonstrate the company’s constant commitment to innovation and quality, as well as its leading role in architectural lighting.

The trust and respect earned over the years are the result of an incessant commitment to excellence, innovation and the satisfaction of an increasingly demanding clientele. Thanks to a reputation consolidated over the years and its vast network of collaborators, Light At Motion continues to be a point of reference in the architectural lighting sector, offering tailor-made and quality solutions that leave an indelible mark on the state of the art of the lighting design.


Light At Motion

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