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Light brings Luthien a golden raiment creating an engaging, refined atmosphere

24 January 2021

Luthien, Design Monica Armani


Designed by Monica Armani for Luceplan, Luthien is a wall lamp of immediate aesthetic impact. Its design speaks for itself, enhancing any space as a product whose decorative efficacy goes beyond the presence of light.

The structure is made by the staggered overlap of two concentric planes in technopolymer enhanced with original matte white finishes that add sculptural charm. The lamp provides indirect lighting thanks to the dynamic synergy of the planes which interact to produce re-flections of the beams on the surfaces and on the wall, spreading a gentle cloud of light in space.

Of very limited thickness, the LED light source at line voltage with a warm hue, permits minimum protrusion of Luthien from the wall and simplifies installation. After years of fertile collaboration with Luceplan, focusing mostly on products for the world of the office and hospitality, Monica Armani has now designed a lamp for contract applications that is also ideal for domestic use, due to its beauty and compact size. Luthien has a decorative impact that goes beyond formulas, a presence that suggests the idea of a jewel, combining the aesthetic and emotional value of a precious object with the functional quality of an excellent lamp.

“With the design of Luthien, I wanted to create a precious, refined object. A sort of luminous jewel to place on the wall, capable of dressing its surface. A sign, a timeless form with two different spirits. When it is off, Luthien delicately glows; when the outer portion is lit, the lamp comes alive and the central core, changing its tone, augments the contrast between the surfaces. A new light suitable for many situations, capable of making a strong impression, on or off.”

Monica Armani



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