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Art&Design of Andrea Castrignano

24 January 2021

Buzzi & Buzzi technical partner of the event


Buzzi & Buzzi participated in Andrea Castrignano’s Art&Design event as a technical partner. The project conceived by the designer was dedicated to Milan Design City 2020, an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan. Andrea Castrignano, who chose to bring Art and Design together in this event, relied on his partner Buzzi & Buzzi for technical support. Together, the lighting specialists and the interior designer illuminated the space at via Adige 11 with extreme elegance: the kermesse was held from September 28th to October 10th.

The headquarter of Andrea Castrignano’s Studio, located in the Romana Design District®, saw twelve artists propose their works of art accredited by critics and the contemporary art market. The 400 square metre space, dominated by the colour black with golden yellow accents, offered an immersive journey into art and design.

Buzzi & Buzzi carefully chose the LED products that illuminated it: the entrance and the reception saw Y1 48V, a very small projector installed on the B55 track, creating minimal visual impact of the source. For the central environment, the company installed 220V track systems from the new Iron release. The 220V tracks allowed the installation of lighting modules with continuity, with the integration of Q1 and Q2 projectors. Their powerful output was oriented to the single objects exposed for maximum valorization.

Also X1 and Taurus, high-performance projectors with a minimalist design, were also directed correctly to illuminate the desired points. The recessed solutions, represented by the Genius products iconic family, have made it possible to design discreet yet spectacular and ultra-efficient lighting accents. Thus Genius, the progenitor of the line, the double essence of Twin Genius, the warm and enveloping light of Genius Brass and its Square version made the atmosphere welcoming and the environment bright.

The minimalist yet scenic presence of The Tube, another Iron’s news, attracted attention and made the product a real light accessory. Other plays of light were traced thanks to the special Eggy, Leaf and Unleaf. These recessed or semi-recessed products, characterised by sinuous geometries, offered diffuse light while evoking elegance and purity. Finally, Rhino, a functional fully concealed recessed luminaire with an integrated pull-out and directional spotlight, and Nastro, a refined surface product with frosted glass, completed the lighting scenario with harmony and efficiency.

Buzzi & Buzzi, which has long been an exclusive partner of Andrea Castrignano, one the most famous interior designers on Italian television, proposed ad hoc lighting solutions, putting efficiency first. Art&Design, that created synergy between two dimensions of the contemporary aesthetics, became a 360° experience where light was a fundamental tool for a correct and pleasant fruition.

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