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Gaia by Elesi Luce creates dynamic atmospheres

24 January 2021

“Through a playful and lively design, Gaia offers a dynamic atmosphere of light, creating harmonized emotions and sensations in the context they are in.” says its creator and designer A. Todesco.

Starting from a cylinder shape, well consolidated in the furniture and architectural field, Elesi Luce has been working to create unusual light effects that could provide the environments with lively lighting. Using a 3D laser, have been obtained round patterns in different sizes to allow the light to release its liveliness with emphasis.

The particular finish consisting of a hand-brushed burnished colour on the outside, with antique gold contrast in the inside represents a significant contribution to the achievement of this unusual effect. In addition to the aesthetic feature, Gaia represents Elesi Luce’s “green thinking” philosophy thanks to the use of integrated LEDs which can be replaced with a simple “click” to extend the life cycle of the product and encourage its reuse. Furthermore, by embracing the principles of the circular economy, 90% of the item is made of recyclable material.

Technology and aesthetics hence combined in Gaia for the pursuit of people well-being creating peculiar atmospheres for unique locations in the contract field, using design lamp having a low environmental impact.

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