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Light is Life. Festa delle luci A2A kicks off

9 February 2023

The festival of art and light organized by A2A on the occasion of Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 is ready to start. Marcell Jacobs will launch the event.

Free admission to all sites. For the Brescia Castle, the Skip-the-line is available to purchase, with all proceeds going to support the Banco dell’Energia. 


Light is Life. Festa delle Luci A2A is about to turn its spotlights on the Capitals of Culture: the event will light up Brescia from 10 to 19th February and Bergamo from 17 to 26th February, thanks to the presence of the most significant works by 17 prestigious national and international artists, including 6 special guests – Angelo Bonello, Chila Kumari Burman, Marco Lodola, Federica Marangoni, Ivan Navarro and Oliver Ratsi.

Light is Life will be inaugurated in Brescia on Friday 10th February at 19:00 in Piazza della Loggia and in Bergamo on Friday 17th February 2023 at 18:30 in Piazza Vecchia, with two spectacular evenings. In Brescia, an exceptional testimonial – Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs – will officially kick off the entire event; in Bergamo, on the other hand, the Choir of the Gaetano Donizetti Conservatory will be protagonist. Both nights will be presented by Neri Marcorè and will see the participation of the respective city institutions as well as A2A top management. Access to the squares will be free of charge until seats are exhausted.

In Brescia, the event will primarily involve Piazza della Loggia, from which a path will lead the public towards the Capitolium to the Castle on the Cidneo hill, where 15 light installations by important national and international artists will be on display.

In Bergamo, the Città Alta will be the star: from Piazza della Cittadella to Palazzo Moroni, visitors will be able to admire 12 light installations along a route that will touch some of the city main and most evocative cultural venues. Entrance to the sites involved in the event will be free of charge in continuous shifts, respecting their maximum capacity. The Skip-the-line service is active from today for the Brescia Castle and it can be purchased on TicketOne and on the Festa delle Luci website; the proceeds will be donated to the Banco dell’Energia, which supports families living in energy poverty.


More information is available here  


LIGHT IS LIFE. FESTA DELLE LUCI A2A is the event promoted by A2A as part of the exhibitions scheduled for “Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023”. Sponsored by the Municipalities of Brescia and Bergamo, the festival aims to express a stimulating international perspective and at the same time intends to involve the productive energies, cultural institutions and educational venues of the territory. The event represents an example of awareness and dual efficiency, both environmental and social, pursuing two important objectives: promoting the conscious use of energy and solidarity against energy poverty. The artistic direction of the festival is entrusted to Angelo Bonello, world-renowned light artist and founder of Kitonb Creative Studio, and Pam Toonen, who boasts a valuable collaboration with LAC – Light Art Collection, part of the Amsterdam Light Festival Foundation, which has been designing and realizing light festivals around the world since 2012.

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