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Light on a human scale in every working context

14 February 2022

In its creations, Luceplan plays particular attention to this “relational” aspect of the luminous object


Every project is based on careful study of light, the luminous effect of the object with its parts and forms. But there is also a focus on people and the context in which the light is used. A human light, to respond to the needs of people in their everyday routines. This aspect of interaction and relation between user and object is also a question of “empathy,” and it is even more important in workspaces, ranging from large office buildings and co-working facilities to smaller contexts like professional studios, all the way to zones for working at home, which has become a new dimension of labor practices.

In its creations, Luceplan plays particular attention to this “relational” aspect of the luminous object, moving in two main directions: already since 2012, as a pioneer in this field, acoustic solutions for insertion in workplaces, offering optimal luminous and acoustic comfort and with ergonomic, practical, adjustable desk lighting, ready for personalization and always on the cutting edge of contemporary design.


Acoustic solutions

In collective spaces – for work, education, dining and leisure time – the aural pollution caused by the spread of noise and disturbing sounds threatens human psychophysical equilibrium. Lighting also has an impact on our wellbeing, and plays a fundamental role in the formulation of spaces suitable for various needs. By providing appropriate luminosity and improved acoustic quality at the same time – to enhance speech comprehension while reducing sonic reverberation – it is possible to create a comfortable environment, improving wellness and productivity.

Luceplan has extensive experience with “all-in-one” solutions that combine high technical lighting performance with excellent levels of sound absorption. The company offers a series of products that are true architectural elements capable of formulating and personalizing work settings. Lighting systems that combine décor and acoustic comfort in public and private spaces, design responses of great refinement that accompany the beauty of the object with remarkable luminous quality: sartorial lighting that furnishes and personalizes spaces, in a perfect balance of technology and aesthetics. Luceplan has developed a variegated series of suspension lamps for perfect insertion in the interior design of offices. The catalogue includes: Silenzio and Diade by Monica Armani, Pétale by Odile Decq, Farel by Diego Sferrazza, and Trypta by Stephen Burks.


Desk lamps

Desks are not what they used to be. And, as a result, neither are desk lamps. While in the past unidirectional lighting was a real necessity, in a context with desktop computers it has become obsolete. Flexibility, multi-directional operation and the possibility of adding ambient light are the new requirements for contemporary table lamps. The quality of the LED light emitted has to be adjustable, to respond to working needs across the various phases of the day. The table lamps of Luceplan have been created to make people feel at ease. Designed for intimacy, warmth and personality in spaces, they offer honest, pragmatic and immediately understandable forms. But at the same time, at the core they are high-tech wonders.

Even in the case of a lamp that is openly based on the traditional shaded table model, like Costanza, a true icon of versatility for residential and contract applications, the light emitted by the lamps can be personalized, adjusted at four intensity levels thanks to a sensorial dimmer rod. From the classic directional solutions (the long-term Luceplan models by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto), with extreme adjustment of the joints, such as Fortebraccio, Otto Watt and Berenice (also utilized for the managerial desks in the offices of the New York Times designed by Renzo Piano), all the way to Ascent by Daniel Rybakken, which plays with another way of orienting the beam of light from above to below.

The Luceplan desk lamps embody a creative response to the new challenges of contemporary design for contract contexts, but also to the simpler necessities of individual users to create settings for efficient smart working in the home.




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