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Light takes shape with FAI

21 February 2024

Thanks to solutions that play between natural and artificial light


We know everything about how to illuminate our home environments, but have we ever really wondered how important the right light is in the spaces we live in every day?

A good lighting project must combine natural and artificial light and mix them to make the rooms comfortable. Inadequate lighting causes visual fatigue, with consequent headaches and mood disorders, as well as making us live with a lack of home visual comfort.

That’s why FAI offers lighting solutions that mix natural and artificial light for comfortable environments. With FAI, light takes shape – in the most natural way possible – offering an accurate integration between artificial- and natural light. The first must be adapted by mixing with the second, not disturbing it but supporting it at various times of the day. That is the aim of all FAI’s activities, i.e. to offer comprehensible and well-thought-out solutions through the new catalogue: an exhaustive showcase, starting from the evocative cover, which accompanies those who leaf through it, immersing the customer in the many novelties, range expansions and irreplaceable evergreens.

The catalogue cover displays the completeness of FAI’s proposals: a circle symbolizing continuity, infinity, and the flow of time and life, just like light. A square conveys solidity and protection as a symbol of the home and living comfort, and the triangle expresses the dynamic and energy associated with the movement and speed of our daily lives.

In the FAI world, these three elements have always coexisted in a substantial dynamic agreement, giving rise to innovative and technological solutions capable of creating the right light for any environment at any time of our day.



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