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L&L Luce&Light and Casambi, a new way to manage lighting

5 September 2022

There’s no end to the innovations at L&L Luce&Light: now the lighting fixtures can be controlled from a single screen on any smart device – mobile phone, smartwatch or tablet – thanks to the Android and iOS app developed by Casambi, a world leader in lighting control solutions. Based on the exclusive Bluetooth Low Energy technology, it offers an advanced tool to quickly and easily control lighting fixtures in your home, shop or office with a single touch. By selecting a customized L&L Luce&Light interface from the various options available in the app, the user can manage and control the lighting in different environments, offering a simple and intuitive experience for everyone, thanks to the many functions the app provides.

Switching the lighting fixtures on and off, and adjusting their light intensity, is managed wirelessly by the Bluetooth protocol, while the use of a mesh network minimises the need for cabling and creates total coverage throughout the area, ensuring that numerous fixtures can be operated from anywhere in the building.

The Casambi app provides various functions:

  • creates and manages lighting scenarios suitable for every occasion and location;
  • programs timings for them; applies different colour options for RGB, RGBW and dynamic white lighting fixtures according to the atmosphere you want to obtain;
  • sets the transitions from scenario to scenario;
  • allows you to change the parameters and recalculate the sequences.

To make it easier to control the lighting fixtures on your smart device, Casambi includes a Gallery section in the app, where you can save photos you’ve taken of the rooms, indicate on them the real position of each lighting fixture and manage the lights directly from those photos. This customization makes using the app even more intuitive, with everything just a tap away. And different users and devices can manage the fixtures independently on the same network thanks to Cloud integration, which allows data, commands and processes to be shared in real time. Most L&L Luce&Light products are compatible with the Casambi app: to connect them, simply add a controller at the time of purchase or any time thereafter. In fact, this can be done at any stage of the design, and it is extremely easy to integrate it with existing systems.

And you’ll be pleased to know that the Casambi app is available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.


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