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L&L Luce&Light celebrates 15 years of light

3 February 2023

On 17 September 2007, the great adventure of L&L Luce&Light began. Today, in its 15th year of existence, the company celebrates this important milestone by inaugurating its new headquarters in Dueville, in the province of Vicenza, Italy. The building’s large, modern spaces are tangible proof of the company’s growth and development. L&L Luce&Light has come a long way in an increasingly complex and hectic world, without ever losing sight of its objectives, one of which was ISO 9001 certification.

The new premises are more modern and better suited to the company’s current size than our previous building. They are the crowning achievement of a journey that has always had our employees at its heart: welcoming, efficient work spaces, offices and leisure areas offer a stimulating and creative environment where people can work in the best possible way, combining wellbeing and productivity. A geometrically shaped inner courtyard has been designed to help visitors relax and recharge their minds. The new headquarters is not just intended for our employees, it is also an ideal venue for product tests and meetings with lighting professionals – its roomy, functional spaces are perfect for sharing ideas and experiences.

The lighting design includes numerous Combina D recessed fixtures, used to light the corridors and customer-facing areas. The same fixtures are installed in the snack area – this time with a special shadow-effect filter that breaks up its uniformity with the dappled effect of light shining through foliage. Alongside these, more Combina D, fitted with the honeycomb louvre accessory, maximise visual comfort for a more relaxing atmosphere. Connecting the offices to the production area, a long corridor runs the whole length of the open office space. Its large glass windows, overlooking the production spaces, alternate with Intono 2.1 wall-mounted fixtures with narrow optics. The latter’s white finish blends into the wall, leaving only their light output visible.

The living walls of the inner courtyard are emphasised by the use of Ginko 1.0 and Pivot Mini 1 projectors, and diffuse-light Rio 1 linear profiles. All around the space, a series of Intono 4.9 fixtures with speakers enable music and lighting scenes to be played back using quick voice commands. A jujube tree planted in the centre of the garden is illuminated by Bright 3.G recessed fixtures with tiltable optics that can adjust the light output as the tree’s foliage grows.

Another highlight is the showroom, where light is used to define each zone and their different functions. The entire space has been divided into four zones (lounge area, test area, meeting area and “camera obscura”): our new recessed fixture Quilatero 2.0, wall-washer version, was chosen to light a coloured wall in the lounge area, where Kora 3.0 and diffuse-light Trevi profiles, in a customized suspended version, can also be found. Neva 7.1 and Tago 1.0 profiles mark out the zone used for testing lighting effects on walls with different textures. Zab Track track projectors have been used in the meeting area, where chairs are set out ready for technical training sessions. Finally, the very centre of the showroom houses the camera obscura, a dark room enclosed by walls where the products’ optics can be tested out.

Outside, the wall to the left of the entrance is lit by Bright 5.H RGBW recessed fixtures, while the driveway features orientation lighting using Bright 1.B fixtures with radial optics. The lawn is illuminated by Plin bollards, in the version with a flat head and 360° light output. Finally, a number of Rio 2.1 linear profiles installed in the building’s side wall alternate with the large windows that mark the open office space.

So far, 2022 has been a good year not just for projects but also for recognition, with certification to ISO 9001. This is the international standard that assesses corporate quality management systems, and in recent years it has become a strategic choice for companies looking to be more competitive in the market. The recognition comes at the perfect time for L&L Luce&Light, at a stage of company maturity where we can guarantee the total commitment that certification brings with it. It is a confirmation of a search for quality and continuous improvement – planning, executing, controlling, correcting this process several times, at all levels and in all areas of the organisation.

A focus on quality has always been one of the most important aspects for L&L Luce&Light, ever since the company’s creation. Today, with a new set-up, every detail is entered into a system, every smallest step formalised and checked, from the choice of raw materials and suppliers to the delivery of the lighting fixtures to the customer. The aim is maximum customer satisfaction, in all the multiple areas where this can be achieved: quality of the fixtures, use of the best available technologies, research and selection of suppliers and speed of delivery, to name but a few.


2019: 9.3% growth year on year. Total turnover €16,905,978

2020: 13.4% decrease year on year. Total turnover €14,645,755

2021: 22.8% growth year on year. Total turnover €17,985,740

2022: currently up 18.1% year on year.


L&L Luce&Light is an Italian company that specialises in the design and production of lighting systems using LED technology for indoor and outdoor applications. Internationally renowned and respected in the lighting design sector, L&L has realised many exceptional projects around the world. Among the company’s main strengths are the high quality and reliability of its products, which are entirely developed and produced in its factory in Vicenza. L&L also pays special attention to the sourcing of its materials, in order to retain the core value on which its operation is based: products that are Made in Italy.


L&L Luce&Light

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