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L&S: growing revenues for 2022 with the integration of Forma e Funzione

26 April 2023

L&S confirms its position as an international leader in integrated lighting systems for the interior design and furniture industry. New investments in the retail sector and industrial applications.


2022 was an important year: the international position of the Group was consolidated by the aggregation of Forma e Funzione, active in the lighting sector for furnishing, and further accelerated innovation processes in product development in terms of design and technology. That allowed to offer the new generation of high-efficiency LED systems to the market, for energy savings of up to 50% compared to previous generations.

Thanks to the new structure after the integration of Forma e Funzione, the Group recorded a revenue increase of 29.4%; organic growth at a constant perimeter was 10%. Sales were made for 70% on foreign markets. In addition to Europe, the branches in the USA and China also contributed to the excellent performance, with an increase in business of 52% and 25% respectively. During the year, the Group obtained ISO 14001 certification for the production sites, that, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels in recent years, only use self-produced energy from renewable sources.

L&S has also further implemented its sustainability balance sheet. L&S is structuring a circular economy model that guides a future design thinking for a sector, that of lighting, characterized by significant growth prospects linked both to an increasing attention to light as an emotion that creates well-being, but also to sustainability and energy savings.

L&S’s dynamic growth follows and anticipates the evolution of the world of lighting, not only as a functional and essential element in homes, offices, shops and hotels, but also as a furnishing element and distinctive design detail “within” the furniture, with a strong focus on quality details to “illuminate” the projects of its customers. In 2022 L&S also paid close attention to the over 500 employees, who, at different steps, continued to feel the Covid effects, as for instance the employees of the Chinese plant in the long lock down.

Finally, as mentioned before, the Group has been strengthened, from an organizational and managerial perspective, thanks to the integration of Forma e Funzione and to the enhancement of human resources through a diversity path.

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