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16 December 2023

Lumen Center explores the relationship between light and environments with the skylines collection


Lumen Center investigates the relationship between light and spaces, whether private or public, with the Skylines collection of lamps – which bring a new vision of the concept of light as the protagonist of the design project, a silent, almost nomadic light. The design is entrusted to Ahlux, the design studio founded by Antonio Grillo. Skylines lamp collections are the expression of a new vision of the company that brings “Light back to the centre” of the project, recovering and enhancing the relationship between people, light source and space. The conception, design and creation phase of the light objects is strictly internal, as are the countless experiments on the synaesthesia between light, colour and sound, the use of alternative sources such as Oleds and the studies of interaction between light and metabolism.

The vision proposed in this collection is increasingly testing with new ways of illuminating and thinking about light fixtures for interiors, thanks also to research and technology. Innovation and sustainable ways of living (and lighting), product and project culture: Lumen Center with its lighting systems transforms living spaces, creating beauty and emotion. The independence from production constraints that only internal design and production can guarantee translates into freedom of thought, the thirty-year collaboration with Italian and international designers meets internal mastery.

SKYLINES is a family of suspension and wall lamps composed of thin metal tubes interspersed with linear and punctiform lighting bodies, that like slender threads in the sky that weave essential geometries. Referring to the matter and its immense voids dotted with light. SKYLINES is available with linear Pyrex glass in flower shape or with adjustable projectors. The new generation LED spotlights “blue hazard free” with CRI >97 and driver “flicker free” make it a lamp with high visual comfort.

SKYLINES FAMILY is composed by: SKYLINES S&P, ceiling/floor lamp, mounted to the ceiling and adaptable to various heights with plug-in power from electrical wall outlet; SKYLINES SUSPENSIONS, suspension lamp, and SKYLINES SYSTEMS, Modular lighting system in parallel lines of 2, 3 or 4 modules.


Lumen Center

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