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LUCI releases a Cities’ Guide to Smart Lighting

7 February 2022

This white paper on smart lighting – from cities for cities – will help local authorities build their vision on smart lighting and support possible actions towards realisation


Many cities around the world are confronted with the question of how to deal with developments towards smart lighting, which brings many new possibilities on top of added efficiency: adapting lighting to people’s needs, connecting other city functions with public lighting, creating new ambiences in urban spaces, even rethinking the role of urban lighting itself. But how can cities ensure that these smart lighting developments benefit their citizens and the common good in the long term? The Cities’ Guide to Smart Lighting – a white paper, from cities, for cities – aims to help address these issues.

Initiated by LUCI within one of its city-member working groups and the Interreg North West Europe SMART-SPACE project, this white paper is the result of a one-year cooperation process gathering cities and experts in Europe and beyond. It involved in-depth interviews with international experts in the domain, a series of co-creation sessions with city representatives, and a wide-ranging consultation with the members of LUCI. The Cities’ Guide to Smart Lighting outlines the reasons why smart lighting should be considered and how it can contribute to a broad range of city priorities: environmental sustainability, social cohesion, citizen value, the city’s internal organisation and more.

It includes practical advice for cities and tips for action towards smart lighting. From building a case, to organising expertise, conducting pilots, to interoperability, citizen engagement, tendering and data management, several key issues that come with implementing smart lighting are addressed. By approaching smart lighting from two different angles – the social/societal and the technical/technological – this white paper helps cities develop a richer vision of these issues and apprehend the full scope of their role and responsibilities in the domain.

“We have long believed that when cities work together, they are better equipped to face the many challenges of our time. In LUCI, we know that lighting can help respond to some of these challenges. That is why LUCI has produced the Cities’ Guide to Smart Lighting cities with concrete advice and tips for action. It is now available for all.” – Mark Burton-Page, General Director, LUCI. 



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