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Luciani, quality and precision in small metal parts and in the furniture market, for almost 70 years

23 March 2023

For nearly seventy years the Luciani brand means quality and precision in the processing of small metal parts and in the furniture market. Luciani has specialised in the iron rod bending during the first years of the new millennium, and it can supply industries, architects and designers with the typical Italian experience and Know How; starting from the technical office draws or from specific projects to the template realization and to the final product.

All these things allow Luciani to combine three important factors: design, craftsmanship and high tech. The industry arranges 7 different types of wire bending machines that enable to work every measure of the iron rod, from 3 mm of diameter, up to 14 mm. So, you can explore many different paths to realize not only an aesthetic product, but also a functional one. The company entered in the furniture market, producing chairs, tables, sofas and design objects for important Italian contractors. It has also started working with sophisticated painting techniques, like, for example, the “gold baths”.

But Luciani innovation doesn’t end here, because the company has started working with important figures in the Italian naval sector.

The large number of articles produced by Luciani, over 5.000, demonstrate that there is no limit to the iron rod use, only the imagination.

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