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Malcesine Castle, one of the six most beautiful Italian manors, shines in a new light

15 October 2023

Lighting project by Lucearchitettura studio, light control systems designed and implemented by Elettroservice


The Malcesine Castle, on the north-eastern shore of Lake Garda in the province of Verona, shines in a new light thanks to a lighting project that has set itself the goal of further enhancing the site, recently defined as one of the six most beautiful castles in Italy is currently a museum, theatre venue, public cultural events, private ceremonies and a privileged national and international tourist destination. The concept, design and implementation of the new lighting systems in the Castle were entrusted to the lighting designer architects Studio Lucearchitettura – Lorella Marconi and Cinzia Todeschini – and the light control systems to Elettroservice in Padua – Italy, local Helvar partner.

The evolution of the Malcesine Castle grew over the centuries through modifications of shapes, architecture, dimensions and uses.


The lighting projects

The lighting design of the Malcesine Castle started from the careful observation of the building and the study of its evolution through various historical periods. From considering the Castle as a gradually stratified central “nucleus”, the idea was to illuminate the areas of the different historical periods with shades of white of variable temperatures, from hot to cold. Acting on the colours makes it possible to use even minimally different colour temperatures, allowing for a better reading of the vertical planes of the building, thus avoiding the effect of perspective flattening and loss of perception of the different volumes. The used fixtures – all LED projectors – were placed in the most suitable positions for their best use in terms of energy saving, less aesthetic impact and light pollution, trying, in any case, to use the current position as much as possible, with a view on savings, even economic, of the intervention.

In addition to this essential monumental lighting, the project develops on three other levels. Among these, the suitable lighting of the Castle’s internal paths requires a dedicated light. In particular, the high-altitude ones, previously entirely in the shade, have been treated by highlighting the horizontal and the vertical lines by positioning micro-projectors inside the existing parapets. On the occasion of events and anniversaries, to meet the appropriate lighting, a system allows for the production of dynamic coloured light to obtain different effects without having to resort to expensive temporary lighting systems and avoiding the impact on the structure. This type of lighting, created using RGB lighting fixtures, allows the users to obtain any colour through management systems, which are also remotely controllable.

Finally, the new lighting project for Malcesine Castle also envisaged the use of two sides of the dungeon, in particular the one facing south, more visible from the town, and the one facing north-east, to “communicate” with the context through the projection of images, logos or else, on the occasion of special events, exhibitions and/or village festivals and anniversaries. The showings happen using two devices with remotely controllable laser sources to modify the images and display them even in real-time.


The light management system

The light management and control intervention made by Elettroservice S.r.l. with Helvar components has a single centralized system consisting of six 905 routers which manage the lighting fixtures via the DALI bus. All the gateways connect via various switches scattered throughout the Castle site, and control takes place automatically thanks to the astronomical clock present in the 905 modules: the lights turn on with a particular scenario at dusk and turn off at a pre-set time in the morning.

Furthermore, the user can manage the system via a push-button panel installed on the site or the Helvar Sceneset app configured for various smartphones to make it possible to set the chosen lighting scene with simple and intuitive gestures. These inputs can create different lighting scenarios, and the colours are changeable according to the specific occasion by acting on the RGB luminaires.

Finally, with the web-based user interface Usee 8801, it is possible autonomously to act on the system, not only recalling pre-set scenes but also making some changes to the scenario, thus making the system even more personalized. In addition, Usee allows energy consumption monitoring, intervening thus on the loads by adjusting the programming.

In particular, the designers appreciated the preparation, competence and availability of the Elettroservice technicians and the system’s ease of use thanks to the push-button panel or the Sceneset application.


Helvar products used

– No. 6 Routers 905

– N.2 Inputs 444 (4 Inputs)

– N.1 Push-button panel 939

– No.1 8801

– N.1 Input 942 (8 inputs)

– N.2 Relay 494 relays of 10A

– N.1 Relay 492 relays of 16°


Place: Malcesine Castle

Client: Municipality of Malcesine

Completion of works: April 2023

Total area: about 4000 m2

Lighting designer: Lucearchitettura by Lorella Marconi and Cinzia Todeschini – lighting designer architects

Electrical systems project: Set Studio Energia Territorio Soc.Coop A.R.L.

Installer: ElettroM2 S.r.l.

Monumental and scenographic lighting: BEGA

Path lighting: L&L Luce & Light

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