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Masiero atmospheres for the bedroom

10 March 2023

The bedroom is one of the rooms in which we spend most of our time, and although we often sleep in it, it is still an essential place, both for our pleasure and our well-being. The sleeping area must first and foremost be a relaxing place, where lighting plays a decisive role in transforming the atmosphere and making the room cosy both day and night. A space intended for rest and relaxation, in which one can choose, depending on the style of the furnishings, to multiply the light sources so as to be able to choose when to illuminate the entire room with a chandelier or ceiling light, or with table lamps on bedside tables, or even wall lights to illuminate paintings or mirrors.

Mounted in the middle of the room, a pendant lamp in the bedroom such as Oriano Favaretto’s “Iglù” with 12+1 lights, composed of metal spheres suspended in mid-air, provides diffused light to the room, filtered by its gilded metal mesh. To add atmosphere and also for functional requirements, it is always worth combining it with other direct light sources, such as its matching floor lamp or table version.

An alternative for light at the sides of the bed is to use small lamps suspended above the bedside table, such as Marco Zito’s “Nappe” inspired by curtain pendants, with its decorative metal fringes, or Omri Revesz’s “Timeo” multifaceted geometries in brass plate. If you prefer wall lights on the sides of the bed, the choice may fall on the poetic “Ribbon” by Oriano Favaretto, composed of sheets of transparent glass encircled by a metal frame, which diffuses the light both upwards and downwards, or on the hypnotic circular “Horo” by Pierre Gonalons, here in the relaxing blue prismatic glass variant set in a circular brushed brass frame.

The contemporary collections in Masiero’s “Dimore” catalogue are available in many types, so that it is possible to furnish bedrooms at home or in hospitality settings with the same model in every variation.

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