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Merill, the future in plastic injection moulding

23 March 2023

A path made of dedication, passion and professionalism. Merill is ready to accept the challenge of new materials and cutting-edge technologies. Merill has been involved for years in the plastic injection moulding field by using the most modern first-class plastic materials in order to guarantee the durability and reliability of its products. Today’s challenge is to continue investing in a material that acquires a new role in nowadays society.

Is plastic outdated? Is it considered highly polluting? The answer is partly yes, but mostly no. If on the one hand it is necessary to tighten up the rules of correct disposal, on the other hand the advantages of this material are undeniable. In fact, plastic is light, versatile, resistant, has low energy impact and is 100% recyclable. Merill has a wide experience in plastic materials manufacturing and knows its exponential possibilities. That is why Merill is ready to accept the challenge of new biodegradable materials and cutting-edge technologies in order to guarantee a low energy impact.

Merill is currently working on some innovative environmental-friendly products that will be launched on the market within this year. The company’s goal is to supply high-quality products which are able to satisfy every customer’s need and requirement. The production process is entirely based in Merill’s operational premises in Fabriano. For this reason, the company is able to provide highly customized products delivered from the manufacturer directly to the customer.

After years of experience in this field, Merill has established a network of mould design partners, in order to follow new projects from start to finish. The precision in the realization of the products, guaranteed by an annual non-compliance rate of less than 1%, the professionalism and precision in the execution of the orders represent another strong point of the company which confirms itself as an excellent partner capable of establishing long-lasting business relationships with all its customers.



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