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MODUS, the new kitchen by Snaidero that can only be purchased online on E-Price

30 September 2021

“Simplify is difficult. Everyone can complicate, but only a few can make it simple”, says Bruno Munari


MODUS is the name of Snaidero’s latest creation. A 180cm monobloc mini kitchen, ideal for all the situations in which space is precious, and the kitchen must fit all the needs in a versatile and functional way. Easy, simple to use, quick to assemble, and low environmental impact, MODUS is ideal for small spaces without giving up a design object. MODUS is now available online, ready for delivery, on the E-Price platform. Snaidero’s new proposal name “MODUS” has multiple meanings. One of them is “Modus Operandi”, contextualizing a new kitchen operating mode: innovative, easy, and functional. The name contains the idea of modularity, essentiality and compactness. Reading the name by acronyms, there are still many MO-D-U-S concepts: MO (for “monobloc”), D (“destination”, since it adapts to any space), U (“uniqueness”, the adjective always distinguishing Snaidero’s kitchens), S (“safety”, that accompanies Snaidero’s customers in the kitchen purchase).

MODUS is compact, with an intriguing design, and adaptable to any space. In the closed-doors solution, it turns into living room furniture. It is easy to assemble, and above all, it is available and delivered in 20 days, after the “click & pay” purchasing on “E-price”, the Italian giant for household and technology online sale. A revolutionary way of communicating and selling kitchens for Snaidero, now exploring the channel of large-scale digital distribution. MODUS has all the appliances (Electrolux tailored) of a traditional model: cooktop with two electric hobs, stainless steel sink, dishwasher, microwave oven, integrated activated carbon extractor hood, as well as large baskets, storage drawer, open compartments and a pantry in which to store everything, space for separate garbage collection and even a removable table to use as a tabletop or snack counter. The technical column can host a 192-litre refrigerator with a freezer.

MODUS has double height and double depth (60 cm in the cabinets and 76 cm in the monobloc) with folding doors, transforming the kitchen into a living room cabinet once closed. Available in three colours (Light White, Cappuccino Brown and Copenhagen Oak), the new item integrates maximum flexibility and minimum footprint. It fully integrates with the living area and represents a response to the needs of modern living, thus addressing those who want to buy a design, fashionable and functional kitchen. From July 1st, MODUS can be purchased online on the E-price platform only. For the first time, a Snaidero’s kitchen is sold on an e-commerce platform for fast and easy delivery – about 20 days – at the customer’s address. At the purchasing, it is also possible to book the assembly throughout Italy. For lovers of “do it yourself”, the delivery is provided with a technical manual and a complete video with instructions for the assembling. Like all the other models created by Snaidero, MODUS is made entirely at the production plant in Majano, in the province of Udine, Italy.

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