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Nova Pro One: a concept of compact to meet all the requirements in the modern furniture industry

14 October 2023

Nova Pro One expands GRASS’ portfolio with a drawer system, in just three variants, to meet all the needs in the furniture industry. The new system is perfect wherever compact assortment, million-time proven performance and differentiation are required. 


Nova Pro Scala has long been among the leaders in the drawer systems ranking. GRASS has expanded its portfolio with a system that focuses on the advantages of the “big brother”: exceptionally easy opening, excellent running characteristics, minimum drawer deflection and outstanding reliability make Nova Pro One a new comer with special features in Nova Pro universe. Nova Pro One offers a compact range for maximum efficiency with minimum complexity. Thanks to the same technology of Nova Pro, Nova Pro One offers the same movement technology the mechanically synchronised drawer system which is famous for its weightless operation without intrusive noise or resistance for as long as the furniture lasts.

Nova Pro One contains the best of Nova Pro, plus special features developed by GRASS: the angled surface of the new drawer design virtually serves as a light reflector, giving your drawers a wonderfully new look. A distinctive decorative punching with three squares as recognition mark that also allow the branding clip to be attached. It is possible to choose among three high-quality standard surfaces. It is possible to retrofit the Nova Pro One glass add-on at any time. Finally, Nova Pro One is a pure metal drawer side and its components, 100% recyclable, are connected to each other using the latest laser welding technology.


Nova Pro One: a compact range for maximum efficiency with minimum complexity

Nova Pro One once again expands the possibilities for the furniture industry, while offering maximum flexibility: as a newcomer to the Nova Pro world, manufacturers can switch to Nova Pro Scala at any time, without having to change production processes. Nova Pro One can be combined with Soft-close, all opening systems and Tavinea interior accessories.

With this new product we are consistently pursuing the platform concept”, says Mikko Kubierske, Product Manager at Nova Pro. “Nova Pro One fills a gap and offers our customers even more opportunities to differentiate themselves among the competition”.


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