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ODL’s Dichroic for Exhibitions and Architecture

1 October 2021

Nano-Tech Color Control Solutions


Colors have their own space in our lives. You can use them to create the moods and energies that you may want or need in a space. As used in entertainment and architectural lighting, color is one of the most powerful tools. ODL’s Dichroic Color Filters are a strategic instrument for light and color control, particularly for venues such as stadiums, television, theaters and performances, where high requirement color rendering, and excellent chromatic and mechanical stability are paramount.

A practical and versatile tool in the hands of visual artists, architects, and lighting designers for space design of shopping malls, trade shows and exhibitions and public spaces that seek to create themed environments. ODL’s Dichroics come in a wide colorway, from highly saturated colors to subtle hues and nuances.

Features stand out: shift-free, absorption-free, resistant to corrosion, high temperature and extreme cold, anti-aging and anti-fading, and consistency of transmission.

Applicable to: classic optical systems, as well as to the ultimate state of the art automated lighting fixtures and technologies.

ODL can maximize efficiency for different applications. Dichroics are suited for modifying color temperature and CRI, producing warm or cool effects, blocking IR/UV rays, or changing shadows, contrast and casts.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor: Entertainment Lighting ▪ Stage Lighting ▪ Architectural Applications ▪ Digital Projection Performance Exhibitions ▪ Stadiums ▪ Television ▪ Theaters ▪ Concerts ▪ Fairs ▪ Shopping Malls

Dichroic products manufactured by ODL are interference filters, mirrors, coatings and treatments made by dielectric multilayer deposits, produced with PVD processes by Sputtering and Evaporation technology.


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