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Omnia Koll, High-quality sealants, innovative edge-banding products and sustainable solutions

14 October 2023

In the wood industry, the quality and reliability of the used materials play a fundamental role in determining the success of a project. Omnia Koll, thanks to its consolidated partnerships Jowat and Riepe offers cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of the wood sector.


Bio-based Vinyl Adhesives (PVA) and Hot Melt Polyurethanes (PUR) for sustainable edging

One of the fundamental aspects of a sustainability-oriented wood industry is the choice of materials. In this context, Omnia Koll proudly presents Bio-based Vinyl Melt Polyurethanes (PUR) adhesives for sustainable edging, which contain 22% renewable raw materials. While guaranteeing high quality and performance standards, these adhesives contribute to preserving the environment and achieving sustainability objectives.

In this regard, the ‘Jowat Green Adhesives‘ range, the Vinyl Adhesive class D3, Jowacoll Grow 105.85, with a 20% organic content and the polyurethane hot melt for edging Jowatherm Reaktant Grow 657.40 with even 22% of eco-sustainable raw materials are worthy of mention.


“Frosted Edge” made in Riepe for impeccable matt finishes 

Frosted Edge is the innovative technology of Riepe able to standardize and harmonize the radius of the edge to the matt finish of the panel, eliminating the unesthetic glossy effect. With the ‘Frosted Edge’ system, a special nozzle is installed at the bottom of the machine capable of applying, with millimetre precision, a negligible quantity of a particular organic and ecological product capable of mattifying the edge.

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