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OSSICOLOR. Zero impact, top effect

29 April 2024

Numbers don’t lie! They speak of an ever-increasing success: 17 million in yearly revenue, 35 countries served, and 24/7 the tireless schedule of its multitasking lathes. But among all these figures, “zero” is the number that makes Ossicolor most proud. The Tridentine company, which has long embraced increasingly green strategies, is on the verge of achieving zero environmental impact—an epochal result, born from incredibly eco-friendly choices.

No more waste! The company from Spormaggiore is approaching complete reuse of anodization slurry in the form of alumina powder. Additionally, aluminum’s 100% recyclability ensures that scraps are sent back to the extrusion shop, where they are transformed into more extruded bars. Investing in sustainability, the company has introduced an automated paint shop using water-based solvent-free paint. This innovative facility, equipped with remote control and a real-time batch control system, reflects their commitment to environmentally conscious practices. The overarching goal is to create complete habitation systems where the integration of diverse objects and material languages fuses into a harmonious perception of space. A noteworthy example is the Boiserie Line 03—a versatile support designed for kitchens and living rooms, adaptable to different shelves, TVs, cabinets, or bases. This solution elegantly furnishes the entire house while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout.

From the outset, leading in systems and components for the furniture industry, Ossicolor has become well-known for end products that combine quality, design, and innovation. Modular solutions like Alubox, Aluframe, and N.3 for outdoor and indoor kitchens are entirely constructed in aluminum, showcasing high customizability. The expansion of the finishes range, through the combination of anodization with water-based paint, ensures a virtually indistinguishable finish between painted and oxidized surfaces. This seamless transition from one technology to another highlights the company’s commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, with a vibrant note of (Ossi)color, the company aims to be even closer and more accessible to its numerous fans. They have inaugurated a virtual showroom on their website, allowing viewers to explore several of their creations.

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