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Painted by Light, built-in technology

23 April 2023

The new technique of Luce 5, thanks to which light paints patterns and creates light decorations


What is Painted by Light? With no need to use monitors or screens, Luce 5 offers an innovative way to approach decor and interior design that makes light a delicate protagonist to activate awesome scenography and backgrounds for the most exclusive environments.

Intriguing, seductive and elegant: when Painted by Light is off, the mirror is absolutely reflective. As soon as the light decoration is powered, the mirror dissolves and leaves room for the decorations.

How to create the most suitable light decoration for each project? The graphic concepts are customizable and, thanks to the versatility of Painted by Light technology, light decorations are generated for any project.


Frameless panels

The panels, designed to be also coupled, can be pre-drilled at any point and with any diameter without compromising their operation and, above all, without altering the effect of homogeneous backlighting. 120×250 cm are the maximum dimensions of the mirror panels Painted by Light technology.

The RGBW LED Panels with Bluetooth, dmx and dali Light control are born from an idea by Luce 5 to give shape and create outstanding light-and-colour scenarios. Painted by Light can be applied to various mirror types.



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