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Poldina Reverso: a novelty by Zafferano Lampes-à-porter

27 April 2023

The inimitable Poldina, best seller of the Zafferano Lampes-à-porter range of cordless lamps, welcomes Poldina Reverso to the family: a newly arrived model that, thanks to its multipurpose container tray, adds a convenient function


The thermoplastic resin tray, suitable for food contact (PET), can be filled or decorated as one wishes: with flowers, to become a centerpiece, or with snacks, to become a luminous platter; it can also be placed near the front door to lay keys, coins, candies; in the bedroom, to collect jewelry… Yet, Poldina Reverso is an evolution of Poldina, the iconic battery operated, rechargeable table lamp that do not need to be connected to an electrical power supply (think gardens, rooftops and porches) and can be freely moved at will. Since 2018, Poldina illuminates prestigious bars and restaurants, and private spaces alike.

In Poldina Reverso, the diffuser is now the base and the base (now round to better match the new design) becomes the diffuser, but it remains a Poldina in all respects: it is equipped with an LED board, an elegantly hidden touch dimmer and the usual option to select the color light temperature between 2200K, 2700K and 3000K. The lamp is made of die-cast aluminum and offered in five finishes: white, rust, dark grey, sand and sage green powder-coating. The diffuser is satin-finish polycarbonate. The multipurpose container tray (capacity 18 cl) is removable and reusable. The battery lasts 12 h minimum (at full power); charging time at 1Amp on the contact charging base is 6 / 7 h. An indicator (flashing red LED) turns on when the battery is low (below 20% charge).

Poldina Reverso has an IP54 rating, protecting it from rain and humidity; hence it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Please note that the charging base is not suitable for outdoor use.


Zafferano Italia

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